Multiple Page Invoice Issue


Thanks for your earlier help. Have read the topics regarding Multiple page invoices, my long invoices that run into multiple pages don’t show up with header and other invoice details on top when I send to print. In other topics I have read the solution as emailing yourself the pdf, but has this been solved in newer versions or is that currently the only way to solve the issue. I mean it could be solved if there is an:

if page end reached, option in theme, then we can print a continued message at the bottom and then continue invoice details in second page with header and all other details reprinted.

Please tell me what is the best solution for this issue as of now.

Best Regards,
Taher Nomani

PS: My theme code I have sent below for your reference

If you use the internal PDF generator, the headings will be repeated at the top of subsequent pages. You can print or email the PDF. This does not happen if you use the Print button, as your operating system then prints what is displayed.

Your request for programming assistance in creating a custom theme is not appropriate for this forum. This is not a coding forum. If you do not have the skills personally to create themes that behave as you want, hire a local programmer.

Dear Tut,

Thanks for the update.

Regarding the programming assistance, would be highly obliged if you could guide me towards any documentation for the theme creation and editing, will be able to manage using that.

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Search the web for Liquid syntax. Liquid was developed by Shopify.

Also search for HTML and in-line CSS.