Tax Transaction Report Purchase description?

Hello All, could you help with what I am probably doing incorrectly.
The following is a Tax Transaction report and shows who I have sold items to , Line 1
The issue is on the purchases (lines2 & 3) there is no description.


Not sure how you have entered your purchases that supplier name doesn’t show but I’m not planning to work on this report anymore.

Tax transactions report will be removed and replaced with custom report functionality where you will be able to select
which columns you are interested in. That will solve your issue.


Hi Lubos, thanks for your reply. If the report is going to change probably not worth going on.
I do find the report useful in as much as some items are GST Applicable and others not. We tend to buy some items a Cash Basis, but add them to Inventory where it can be easy to miss a record where GST has been included in the price of the item, hence these items don’t balance.
If we run the report on a “Cash Basis”, then the Vendors description is blank, but the Customer field is filled in. When running the sane report in “Accrual Basis”, the Vendor details are listed

Anyway, new report may solve this

Thanks, I didn’t know it was only happening on supplier side. I fixed this issue in the latest version (15.3.75)

Thanks Lubos, all seems to be good!

Hi Lubos, I also have issues with the Tax Transaction report, I have to justify to my accountant what certain items represent, a description would be good. However if you intend to replace this with Custom Reports then fine, as long as we can save the custom report with a meaningful name so that it can be run time and time again.

As you can see by the timeline, this was suggested quite some time ago, when do you think we will have the said customer reports available?

You guys are doing a fantastic job here, the product is great, and getting even better with continued releases. Keep it up !!