Payee Data Replaced on Tax Transaction Report

Two months ago I could view PAYEE data on the Tax Transaction Report but now I see it has been replaced by the Account type info. PAYEE data is highly critical in data validation and reviewing.

Old Report Version:

How do i get PAYEE information to appear on the Tax Transaction report.

What version are you using?

You seem to have the basis of the report missing - I do not have that problem

I am using cloud version.

How did you get rid of the “Cash Basis” or “Accrual Basis” subtitles?

Please show the edit screen for your report

Sorry I have not. I only cropped it out. It is exactly just like yours but different in layout formatting of the information appearing.

I am using version V 20.7.22 so maybe there was a change in the later version - I think the Cloud is now on V 20.7.25 No?

Not a problem with version V 20.7.25 either so it is a problem with the manner in which you entered the transactions - please show the Edit screen for one of the transactions - number 08315 for example

What do you mean by this? The program does not include any capability for cropping or altering layout of this report. All you can do is change the accounting basis, date range, or description (which only appears in the listing, not on the report).

So you seem to have created this report on your own, but want to complain about what it contains?

The cropping relates to using “Snipping Tool” to snap shot only relevant information to my question. This is a screenprint of the report on cloud, it is in no way edited and I decided to use Snipping Tool to protect my clients information/identity.

Hope I am clear.

Hi, here is the editing;

They only show on Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices.
Receipts and Payments only show account.