Customer Statemaents

after update version 20.7.79 customer statements is show diffrent ,before show with bank or cash payaments but after updated only show invoice and receipt details

What was your previous version? Bank and cash transactions were replaced years ago by receipts and payments.

Which type of customer statement are you referring to, unpaid invoices or transactions? I presume transactions. Such statements show all debits and credits to a customer’s account. If your version is not doing that, update your software. Then post screen shots that illustrate the problem.

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First, update your software. Version 20.7.79 is 16 versions out of date as I write this. I cannot speak to what it shows, but v20.7.95 shows content very much like your first screen shot. For example, here is a statement from one of my test companies:

Second, the specific content of the Description column on this report depends on content of the transactions making it up. (I note that your two screen shots are for different time periods and apparently different customers. So they are not comparable. But I suspect if you look at a statement for the same customer over the same time frame, you will see results very similar to your first screen shot, if not identical.

After update Version 20.7.95 also same problem description tab details not show

Please show a screen shot of a customer statement for the same customer and time period as the first screen shot in your original post.

Version 20.7.95 (and now 20.7.97) shows the same type of information. If a particular statement line item does not include it, it is because the information does not exist. For example, in your first screen shot, the first line item debit for Fatura 350 shows no other information. But the next line includes Fatura 206 and Recibo 654. This is because Recibo 654 was posted explicitly to Fatura 206. No other transaction was associated explicitly with Fatura 350 as it was created. Later, several receipts were posted directly against Fatura 350, so those include more information. In your second screen shot Recibo 426 seems to have been posted to the customer’s subaccount, but not designated for any specific invoice. So nothing shows except the receipt.

Screen shot of latest version

I have no idea why you are showing the last two screen shots. Neither has anything to do with either of the first two screenshots. And the date range of the statement (if it is even for the same customer) does not include the date of Recibo 997.

What I asked for is a customer statement for the same customer and time period as your first screen shot in your first post, but obtained with the later version of Manager.

Nevertheless, your last screen shot shows the kind of information you said was not being displayed. So clearly it is.

Mey be i am not explain well or you not understanding my situation i am using last three years manager but i am facing this issue after update version, in recipt tab i am Always use description tab for bank or cash details manually for show in customer sataments (transaction)

Pls Chk i am sending old screenshot here …in this report pls Chk after recibo some description with bank details date

@Shamsuddin_Esaf, every screen shot you post is unrelated to anything else you have posted. And none are what I keep asking you to post. I cannot help you if you will not post what I ask to see. For the last time, please post a screen shot from the new version of Manager, matching the customer and date range of your very first screen shot.

Hi,pls chk attached screenshot current version


@Shamsuddin_Esaf, why do you keep showing unrelated screen shots? The most recent statement is a different time period and different customer from all the others. It is even in a different currency and a different language. Yet it also shows the information you say is missing.

These descriptions wont show, use the main description field at the top.