Tax calculation on Invoice print out

Hi, Is there any way to show VAT calculation (last two columns, Tax amount and Total) on PDF or saved invoice

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no. please search the forum since this has been discussed many times.

While making receipts, if we select tax code it shows the tax calculationCapture5

you are correct. my apologies.
it does show on Receipts and Payments.
this is a new information to me. but i dont remember seeing any updates regarding this on the forum or on the releases page.
maybe @lubos or @Tut can provide some information on this.

I tried to contact different programmers but they all stuck at showing the calculations on PDF. although they made the layout as mentioned.

This change was made quite a long time ago for tax-inclusive receipts and payments to comply with requirements in some jurisdictions. It is important when items are not all taxed or taxed at different rates.

Your programmers cannot solve this for you on invoices because the data is not passed to the theme for display.

it shows even for tax-exclusive receipts and also when there is only one line item.

i do not agree with this method. even for tax-exclusive receipts, the subtotal is not displayed and tax amounts are not displayed at the totals section. it is similar to a tax-inclusive receipt now.

If this is a legal requirement to show tax amounts on line items, this needs to be core feature, not user-defined customization.


while in some jurisdictions they are a legal requirement, in most jurisdictions it is a preferred method though not legally binding.

Qty - Unit price - Amount - Tax rate - Tax amount - Total Amount

please also consider making it the choice of user to enable or disable the columns on printed documents.


These things are always made as an option - not forced on everyone.


@lubos there is any way to add Tax Amount column value inside custom theme template or any cheat sheet similar to

Can you give me solution. how can i get last two columns of VAT calculation on printed sale invoice???

there is no solution yet. the developer will decide on implementing it. for now it is considered as an idea for future development.

I thought custom theme was a solution!!

custom themes are used to modify the presentation of already existing attributes in a form.
you cannot modify something which does not exist yet.

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This has been implemented in the latest version (

On sales invoices, you need to check temporary New layout checkbox.


Turns out this wasn’t very popular as it adds extra columns for those who don’t care about tax amount column. So the latest version ( makes it an option on every form.


This should satisfy both sides.