Show GST on line items

Hello I have received a request to show GST on line items for Quotes and Invoices. How can this be accomplished?

Currently the GST sum is shown at the bottom of quote / Invoice only.

Add a blank line and allocate it to another tax code

or if not tax inclusive

Or do you need to show the tax amount each line?

Yes they are requesting to show the tax amount please, for each line item. Crazy I know.

You will not be able to do that. Even with a custom theme, you can only display the data that is passed to the theme by the program for any given transaction type. Line-item tax amounts are not.

Actually, looking over my suppliers invoices, most of them show the tax amount in line items.
Maybe this could be put into ideas as a checkbox to include GST amount on line items?

I have just had a look into this as well now and it is probably not too crazy… The thing that seems to have raised the request is the fact when Quoting including Tax / GST and hiding the Total Amount there is no indication of what is Tax / GST. So it does make sense to me now. It is not clear to the customer on the quote in this format.