VAT in tables

Hey everyone
I am missing the fact that the VAT amounts and percentages not appear on bills nor on quotes or other related documents in the table of products.
I would like to see something like this:

Description Amount Price VAT% Total price
I am blind and not able to make my own templates…
Thanks in advance for anyu assistance.

If more than one tax code is used on a transaction form, the tax rate for each will appear on individual lines. The total tax amount for each rate used will then be shown in the totals section at the bottom.

If only one tax code is used, that column is omitted, and only the total for the single rate used is shown in the totals section.

Being able to create custom themes would not help you achieve what you want in the latter situation, because the tax percentage is not an element of the table being displayed. That content is set by a deeper layer of code. Manager’s basic design philosophy is not to include unnecessary information.

There has, however, been some discussion about adding tax amounts to line items. We’ll have to wait to see what might happen.

Hi @Tut. Thank you for your clarification.
I was preparing a quote with different products and their description, but I didn’t want the total section to appear, so I excluded it. But then, it was impossible to to see the tax codes anymore.

OK. When you hide the totals, a sales quote ignores taxes entirely. You might notice that the checkbox for Amounts are tax inclusive disappears from the entry form. In that situation, you should probably just add a note in a custom field saying that all prices are exclusive of tax. Or, you can calculate the tax-inclusive prices and include a note to that effect.