Tax calculations

How to show total amount, on which tax is applied (in case of) inclusive tax .

For ex in this image instead of saying includes vat 12.5 % , it will say the {{amount}} on which vat @12.5 % is applied

And as u can see there are two types of taxes in this invoice so vat @4 % will show its own amount on which tax is applied .

So how i can do it. @lubos

And also please tell me how i can output total balance in words ??

I believe this is not a computation Manager performs. Taxes are calculated line item by line item and summed to yield tax amounts. Line item amounts are only summed in total, not by how much is taxable under each tax code. So you are asking how to show a quantity that does not exist in the database.

Okay @Tut .
In this case what we can do is to show the total amount on which tax is applied :
Generalised case , when there is more than one tax code is applied on same invoice ,for ex.
In above case there is two tax code applied viz.
A) 14.5% which is divided into two parts 12.5% and 2 %
B) 5% which is further divided into 4 % & 1%

To calculate now taxable amount
A) first we get total line item value of 14.5% and 5 %
From subtotal separately . Ex.
For total 14.5 % vat items= (subtotal - total 5 % vat items )
B) now for taxable amount of 14.5% what we have to do is :
Value obtained from step A (let say ‘val’)
And taxable value of 14.5% let say 'sol’
sol = val - 12.5% - 2 %
Where 12.5% and 2% = value which is showed in invoice.
And same foe 5%

And thus in this way we create this on the invoice despite of this value doesn’t exist in database.

But the problem is there any mathmetical value doesn’t work on themes . Inteager behaves like strings . @lubos can you tell me how to solve this problem.

And one problem more @Tut please help me how to show total in english words . In previous version {{ balance_due_in_words }} was worked .but since 4 versions it doesn’t work . Please help.

Can you show some screenshot what you need invoice to show? I think that will better demonstrate your needs.

I need taxable amount to show as a summary in invoice on which tax is calcualted in case of inclusive tax …

@lubos please tell me how to show total amount in words … I was asked this question several times …

@ShubSingh39, Manager simply doesn’t work the same way as whatever POS system generated the tax invoice you showed. That was probably a cash register, right? It may provide subtotals by tax code, but there are many things it will not do.

If you search this forum, you will find several topics about converting amounts to words. I believe the most recent one clearly said it only returns integer values. So it isn’t suitable for what you are trying to do. I also note that the cash receipt you showed, and which you want to emulate, does not have the amount in words. So perhaps it is not so important after all?

@Tut i’m not talking about pos system right now , yes , this is the cash slip of pos .
But this is in reference to lubos reply that what i want .
Actually manager doesn’t allow any mathematics at themes , otherwise i can do that on my own somehow :wink: .

{{ balance_due_in_words }} doesn’t work hence i’m asking this question several times …

Now my advocate advised me to have taxable amount as a summary on invoice because all other softwares do this … so i have to do that somehow because i’m in love with features of manager …

@lubos & @Tut
See this image … all are doing this

@ShubSingh39, your last screen shot does not support your argument or your request very convincingly:

  1. It gives a subtotal of tax-exclusive amounts. So does Manager.

  2. It lists the tax rate applied for each line item (14.5%). So does Manager, if they are different. Otherwise, there is no need, because the rate can be specified in the tax code title.

  3. The two components of the multi-component tax amount are shown separately. Manager does this also when you create multi-component tax codes.

  4. Your example invoice converts the final amount to words, but only after apply rounding in two separate places so there are no fractional values to convert. As I said previously, you could do this in Manager, but only for integer values. You never mentioned you were willing to alter transaction amounts to make conversion possible. Clearly, whoever wrote the software that generated your example invoice is limited by the same constraints as Manager’s developer.

Below is a sample invoice with three different tax codes applied. The last one has two components:

It seems that you are concerned about the situation in which multiple tax codes are applied on various line items and you want separate subtotals to be listed. Is that correct?

I actually don’t want to support this. Themes must stick to presentation only, themes must not introduce new information and allowing mathematical formulas in themes would break this rule. Not really sure why you need mathematical formulas. Manager will show all tax amount totals for each tax component separately. Do you also need to show tax inclusive amount total for each tax code? If that’s the case, it should be added as a feature into the program so all themes will show this information. This is not something you should solve in one specific theme only.

Why do you need to show balance due in words? Is this legal requirement in your country?