Tax Added Automatically


Is there a way, or do you plan in the future, to have the Tax add Automatically to Taxable Items on Quote and Invoice? Also; do you plan to have the “Amount of Tax”, “Subtotal” and “Total” show up on the Ediit page of Quote and Invoice in a later Release?


Not sure what you mean, there is a checkbox in top-right corner which will allow you to specify whether taxes should be added on top of taxable amounts or whether amounts are already tax-inclusive.

“Edit” page will eventually contain calculation of taxes in real-time.


If Taxable “Inventory Items” were checked as “Taxable” in the “Edit” Page of each “Inventory Item” in the “Inventory Item List”, and not have to be selected from the “Edit Page of Invoice” whether to add the Tax, with an exception to have an option in the “Edit Page of Invoice” to “UnSelect” the Tax of any Item, if so choosed to.

Short Version: 1.) Have Items to default to Taxable when Item is entered as an Inventory Item (with option to UnSelect).
2.) Have option to UnSelect the Taxable (or change applicable taxes) on Invoice Edit page.

Summary: After Items are entered as an Inventory Item, with the proper Tax selected for that Item. there would be no need to select it later, such as on an Invoice.
However, some Customers are Tax Exempt. That could be selected in the Customer’s info Page.


Just to clarify, you want to be able to set default tax code on individual inventory items, right? So when selecting inventory items on invoice or quote, you don’t have to select the tax code manually.


I see that you’ve revised release 14.9.26 to select the Tax Code for “Sales Invoice Items”, and that’s beautiful.
Now if the “Inventory Items” had the same option, that would be outstanding.
I think “Inventory Items” should Default so Tax are Included, with option to UnSelect, and “Sales Invoice Items” maybe should be just the opposite. (UnSelected with option to set to Taxable, just as you have it.)

Remember too; some customers are Tax Exempt. So regardless of how the Tax Code is set on" Inventory Items" or “Sales Invoice Items”, the Tax shouldn’t show up on a Quote or an Invoice to them.

Maybe here is a good time to ask; would there be a potential conflict with the “Tax Inclusive” option and the options that we’ve discussed here? Just thinking out loud…

Again I must say, “Great job Lubos”


There will be eventually default tax code on inventory items too. The main issue is that you might want different default tax code when selling and different when purchasing inventory items so this is something I have to go through.

Manager doesn’t support to set customers as tax exempt yet. You just need to be careful not to charge tax on invoices for those customers. But even if you do, customers will probably tell you to issue new tax-free invoice so it’s not such a big deal.