Default tax code for sales invoice item

Would it be possible to select the tax to individual sales items as they are created, so that when creating the invoice it would then automatically be selected. In our case GST is the default on sales and services, plus purchases

Yeah, this feature is required for general ledger accounts and inventory items too. I’m planning to add it soon.

The reason why it hasn’t been added before is because a while back I wasn’t sure whether I can get away with single tax code column and still properly support any tax system.

The latest version (14.7.32) now allows to set default tax code for sales invoice items and purchase invoice items.

Thank you Lubos.

How do I set this, I have the latest version of desktop, and cannot see where to set a default tax code for an income account. Could you elaborate?

This was for sales invoice items only.

Check the latest version (14.7.49). Default tax code field has been added to Chart of Accounts level too so you should be able to set it for your income/expense accounts as well.

Thank you very much. Any chance that when we go to enter a new invoice, we have not either a customer or an item in the system, we could simply have a pop up box to ADD NEW

This has been suggested number of times. I would love to do it but there is still something more important to work on. Don’t worry, you will see it within a few months.

Hi Lubos, any chance you could please look at this again



Default Tax Code for Sales Invoice Item
is not working when we click add line tax code disappear

It did not disappear. It is still there on the first line. Tax codes are applied to individual line items, because different codes might apply to different lines.

If you are referring to a code set under Form Defaults, you will notice you have only one default line. You can set up multiple default lines if you want.

You can also set default tax codes for individual inventory and non-inventory items. That way, they will be applied whenever the item is added to a form.