Automatically defaults to required Tax for Item in Sales Invoice?

Firstly, thank you for providing an awesome application.

I am creating an Sales Invoice and want to ask if there is anyway I can set it so that it automatically selects the GST Tax rate I have setup?

We are a wholesaler and sell to businesses so they like their invoices without Tax for the Item but Tax gets added at the end. So hence the Unit price is without Tax. I have to charge tax but for every item, I have to select the GST Tax rate. Is there anyway to set it so it defaults to automatically selecting this GST Tax rate and if we want to change, we can?

There is a similar thread here: Can I select VAT to be applicable on all items on a purchase invoice but I would like to ask if it can be applied by default on the Sales Invoice instead.


Default tax codes are set by editing the inventory item itself. That way, every time you add the item to an invoice, the proper tax code is applied. If an unusual situation applies, the tax code can be edited.

Thank you Tut.
I totally missed the “Tax Code” section when setting up the Inventory! Now that I’ve setup the correct Tax Code for that Inventory, it automatically uses that in the Sales Invoice so much appreciate you directing me to it.

I am at the same situation like superfishnz, and looking for some help. I do research on Google and i found tut reply which is very awesome. Thanks for reply and problem resolved.