Taxable value

if we tick amount inclusive tax in sale or purchase invoice …taxable value should also be shown in the invoice …kindly give this feature in future update … @Tut @lubos

The point of tax-inclusive pricing is that taxable values are not shown separately. If you want the taxable value to show, do not choose that option. Leave the box unticked.

for that we have to calculate the taxable value manually …if taxable value is not shown then amount inclusive tax feature is useless…

You have things backwards, @santosh_solanki. You should determine your untaxed prices before determining any tax-inclusive price. Otherwise, you cannot control profit margin.


if i enter any amount or price including tax it shows the tax saparately but it doesnt show the taxable value taxable value is net value minus tax …i dont think it is difficult to show the taxable value in the invoice just minor change will make it happen

You are right. The minor change is for you to not tick the box.


still u dont understand my point properly…kindly someone else solve the issue @lubos

Have a look at this ideas thread, it may cover what you are wanting

Yes, I do understand your point. You, however, apparently do not understand the differences in the program between tax-inclusive and tax-exclusive calculation and presentation. If you want the pre-tax price to show, you must choose tax-exclusive pricing. The difference is not just whether a tax amount is displayed. The calculation method changes. See

I don’t actually understand why in Manager the view screen changes depending in data entry tax inclusive vs exclusive setting.

In either case for each line item the following are all known and in units of minimum valid tender:

  • tax exclusive amount
  • tax component
  • tax inclusive amount

From which the totals of each of the above can be calculated and displayed.

I suspect the reason is that, in some jurisdictions, if the price includes tax, the tax-exclusive price cannot be shown. In such cases of which I am aware, only certain classes of items can be sold with tax-inclusive pricing. Usually, those are small-value items such as snacks and drinks in environments where cash sales predominate and transactions are rapid, like refreshment stalls. Vending machines can be another example, to prevent someone from posting a $1 price for a can of soda, then requiring the buyer to put in another 10 cents to obtain their purchase. You also tend to see pricing in round numbers in those situations. Meanwhile, you buy a hamburger for $3.79, chips for $1.89, and a drink for $1.99 and expect to have tax added on. Only the tax-exclusive price is posted on the menu board because everyone knows tax will be added. (And there is probably a small notice somewhere saying as much.)

I guess there is another message here. There is more to consider than simply whether Manager can calculate numbers and display them. There are legalities involved in tax-inclusive and tax-exclusive invoices and receipts, as well.

Fair enough but for jurisdictions specific requirements, that would be best addressed via Manager business set up parameters. As the jurisdictions requirements are likely to apply to all invoices independent of how data is entered.

Possible options include

  • A theme to meet jurisdictions requirement which could be set as default

  • Business settings parameters

  • (invoice / payment and receipt parameters set in form defaults to whatever a jurisdiction requires)

Actually it is a low priority for me as I can work with the current options however others have have regularly expressed different requirements and I struggle to understand the logic behind the current arrangement.

I would only caution against adding unnecessary complexity. We already have options for inclusive and exclusive pricing. Remember this discussion began because someone wanted the program to calculate untaxed value for them. That entire approach seems I’ll-advised, regardless of display options.

some users appear to want tax inclusive and tax exclusive displayed for all line items and the totals for both on invoices and receipt / payments. Manager always has this data so it is a possible display option.

For me tax exclusive amount is important because while filing returns I have to show the tax exclusive amount aswell and in manager the tax exlusive amount is not shown automatically… It needs to be calculated manually … When it can calculate tax inclusive amount then why can’t it calculate tax exclusive amount??

That is best done by looking at the tax summary report where both are listed for the reporting period

They can also add a column of exclusive tax in that if we write net price it should show the taxable price in exclusive tax column