Select all items to add a Tax Code

Is it possible to select all my items to add my tax code to each one of them? I thought the check box “Amounts are tax inclusive” would have but its only for calculating items that have already the tax code select. If the feature is not there. Can we have a button to add Tax Code of choice to all items and if we need to make adjustments, then we do them manually?

See this guide
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Manager provides a different approach. When defining inventory and non-inventory items, select the tax code to apply there. It will appear automatically whenever the item is added to a transaction.

There are times when we get tender requests and we have enter items that we don’t usually sell. The tenders can contain more than 100items to be quoted. It would take time adding it to our item list and searching for it during the quoting so we add the items during the quote creation; when we are done we end up with alot of items that have to be individually clicked to add the tax code. Which is why i thought itd be possible to just select all and apply tax code to all.

A default tax code can be set for each account in the COA, see this guide

Structuring Accounts

Chart of Accounts: Add an account

For individual Manager forms / screens, defaults can be set, See this guide

Customizing a Business

Form Defaults: Set form defaults

@xpixelcookiex a solution would be to create a generic non inventory item with the relevant tax code. select this item on your quote and the tax code will appear automatically on every line you select this non inventory item.

It’s a little complicated but I tend to use Batch Create/Update for those cases. I yearly create a Sales Quote as a price list of all my Inventory Kits. Since in some businesses I have more than 500 kits I create them in Excel and import in Manager, given also the fact that if I push Edit in Manager to edit this list it becames unresponsive due to the dimension of the interface.