Automatically select the tax code on data-entry

I have started using manager recently, and have found it to be a great system. But I don’t know how to have the tax at the end of a item line, auto set to add tax currently have to select it for all items. And also the due date feature is there a way to set that for say 14 days from when the invoice is made?


This is actually something I’m planning to add this month. You will be able to select default tax code, then it will automatically selected upon selecting account, item etc…

For now, you need to select it manually but there is Tax Audit report which will show you all transactions grouped and summarized by tax code and account which makes it easy to spot miscategorized transactions.

Is there any progress to automatically add TAX to an entry in an invoice? This would be really helpful.

Yeah, this has been implemented a few months ago. You can set default tax code on accounts in your Chart of Accounts. Go to Settings, then Chart of Accounts.

For each account you are able to select default tax code.

Just tried setting default tax code in version 14.9.6 to all accounts and items and I don’t see any change when I tried to create a new invoice to the previous default (no tax applied to tax applied). After setting the code to an account there seems no way to “unset” it to the way it was for accounts and items. Am I missing something? Is this feature only for when there are a choice of Tax codes? I thought it was a way to “remember” certain transactions as having tax or no tax which would be useful to me and maybe others as well.

Confirmed it does default correctly for expenses. If I select an account which I set to apply a tax in a new invoice, it works. If I select an item with applied default here too, it does not default properly. Is this working right? Also, how do I revert accounts and items back to No tax?

Version 14.9.17 should be fixing all these issues.

I have students paying a monthly fee of $60 tax included. Is there a way for the system to back out the tax portion or do I have to input $53.1 as the item price and add 13% tax to give me $60.003 dollars? How do I avoid the decimal points which will might up eventually?

Thanks in advance for your help

Below the line items on the invoice is a checkbox to indicate the amounts are tax inclusive

Using the blue link next to the label, you can set that option as default for future invoices (though past ones will not be affected).

Hi Tut,

Do I have to create an Invoice for Monthly Student Fees for each student or can I group all of the students together and create one invoice? The number of students paying dues vary from month to month, so I can’t really set a recurring Invoice if I group them together, can I?


Yes, a sales invoice goes to a single customer.