Switch template doesn't work on Safari

When I click the “Switch template” button on Safari, nothing happens. I tried in Chrome and everything works fine.

Should be fixed in the latest version (17.6.25)

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I dont know if you meant it to be that way but the system changes automatically to the default theme after every view


Maybe you missed this post.

O I see, thank you

Thanks, I hadn’t seen that post. That explains it.


My own designed invoice templates are gone, how can this?

Have you looked under Settings => Templates?

Yes, but I can not choose from templates at the sales invoice.

If your software is up to date, repeated clicking of the Switch Template button cycles through available templates, including the default one. But if you’ve read this thread, you will have seen that there was a bug where that didn’t work. But that was fixed 10 versions ago.

Do not have the button of change template, but nothing happens. Baal that I lost my billing setup.

What edition (desktop, server) are you using and what is the version number under About Manager?

Also, can you post a screen shot of what you see when you click Templates under Settings?

As an additional thought, have you just updated from a very old version? (older than November 2016) If so, you may be referring to View Templates that applied only to sales invoices. Those were replaced in version 16.11.24 with custom themes that applied to all forms. The old view templates did not carry over to themes. But themes have now been carried forward to the new Templates as of version 17.6.0. And further enhancements have been added 35 times since that.

Use the desktop version, the version number is Manager 17.6.35

See my edited last paragraph above, which I was typing as you posted.

For example, he is on template

Your screen shots show that you have at least one custom template created. Otherwise, you would not have the button. Presumably, the first screen shot is the default template and the second is the custom one. Your problem is that the code for the custom template is not correct.

Old view templates used HTML. Current templates use Liquid templating language, which shares some but not all characteristics and syntax.

To create a functional template, follow procedures described here: [17.6.0] New workflow for custom templates. Then modify the default code to obtain the specific characteristics you want. Guidance on Liquid can be found here: https://shopify.github.io/liquid/.

But I had a working template. An update is just gone, how can this be?

I just see that I do not work with safari, does that matter?

This problem had started when the switch template theme was introduced. In my experience when i had updated to the very version that introduced the change (i do not remember the version number), it automatically detected my custom theme. But still i had already copied my custom theme code as a backup just in case.

So coming back to your problem. I do not know if this would work but if you have the installer for the older version and if you had taken a backup of your business data before upgrading, then uninstall your new version, install the old version and import your old business data backup. If you are lucky you might have your custom theme like before. Now copy the custom theme code to notepad and save it. Then upgrade Manager and just copy your custom theme back to the templates.

Tell me if it works for you.