[17.6.0] New workflow for custom templates

The latest version is somewhat simplifying the workflow related to templates (used on invoices, orders, quotes etc).

Previously, Manager had a few in-built templates and on top of that ability to create custom ones. Although it was working, I never liked the workflow. It was clunky, confusing and more complicated than it needed to be.

The latest version is solving this issue by removing all in-built templates which are now available at https://www.manager.io/templates. New templates will continue to be added on the website rather than directly into the program.

How it works

If you’d like Manager to use different template, go to https://www.manager.io/templates and click on the template you like.

Under large screenshot, you will see code area.

Copy & paste this code to new template which you can create under Settings tab. Then Templates.

Then click Create button to save it.

Once created, you can go and View any invoice, quote, order, receipt or statement where you can click Switch Template button in top-right corner.

This will quickly switch template to new look.

If you have multiple templates, keep clicking on Switch Template button to loop through all of them.

I think the new workflow is much more intuitive and simpler. Also, by making templates available on the website (and not as part of the program) will ensure that even if there are thousands of templates, the program will always stay small in size.


Don’t know what the issue is, I’m getting all the pictures and no messages with both IE 11 & Google Chrome

Ignore my messages. it is something to do with my ISP’s filtering sytem. I connected to one of my clients who use a differnt isp and everything works correctly.

I am presently using a heavily modified custom template.
Will my custom template work if I update the program?
Even if it does work will it support the new work flow?
Or do I have to start from scratch to customize the new available templates?

@sharpdrivetek, if the heavily modified custom template you have works for invoices, quotes, orders etc. then it will continue working in the latest version.

thanks @lubos . it does work else i wouldn’t be using it right :wink:

so i guess i need not be worried about my custom theme not being compatible with any future updates of Manager.

I just updated and it is working. I didnt even have to copy my custom theme back, it selected my theme as default. :+1:

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thank you for the variety, but kindly move the company details below and send it to the top. bless you

you can customize the template as u like if you know html or you can hire someone to do it for you. the main advantage of themes in manager is that they can be customized.

Me gusta :heart_eyes:

Is there a way to change the Title “Invoice” to “Commercial Invoice”

@JG-YPT, yes. See https://www.manager.io/guides/how-to/change-a-form-title

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We have to provide our bank details on all our Invoice. The new template being applied to all, even the PO also has our bank details. How can I have separate templates fixed for Quote, invoice and PO.


@JG-YPT, you can insert into template snipped which will show only if certain condition is true. For example, if you want to show something only on invoices, you could detect if title variable is Invoice and if it is, show your content.

{% if title == "Invoice" %}
Here are our banking details: XXXXXXXX
{% endif %}
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Have an issue with this. Attached is the pic. purchase Invoice is now showing as below after adding the replace title switch. Its only in Purchase invoice. The rest are all fine.

Just rename the title to Commercial Invoice using the example @lubos mentioned in the above post.
if title variable is Invoice and if it is, show your content.

That way you will not have the title changed wherever ‘Invoice’ word appears.

@JG-YPT, yeah. As @sharpdrivetek suggests, you can replace {{ title }} with

{% if title == "Invoice" %}
{% else %}
{{ title }}
{% endif %}

This will rename “Invoice” only and will leave “Purchase Invoice” intact.

Is there anyway to save templates locally, I have 2 different office addresses and I had 2 separate themes for each location in the previous version.

This facility has disappeared with the update. Any help would be appreciated.

Possible to let users share their custom templates some place on the website?