Can't View any Documents or Reports

Hi There,

I’ve been using the Cloud Edition of Manager for the last few months and never had any problems. Over the last three days however I have been unable to ‘View’ any invoices, accounts, reports or pretty much anything. When I click ‘view’ I get a blank page (see attached image). When I try to print I get a blank page and when I try to download a PDF I receive the following message:
NullReferenceException: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an ManagerServer.PdfConverter.ConvertHtmlToPdf(String input, Stream output, PageBoundary pageBoundary) at ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.Pdf.Post()

I have tried opening manager on a number of browsers and computers and I have the same problem every where.

Any advice would be super helpful as I can’t use the program at all as nothing opens.

Just to clarify, the situation is only when you click “view” ?
If you click “edit” is the screen ok ?
If you click “add” for a new transaction is the screen ok ?

It looks like you are using custom theme and it’s empty. Can you click on Switch Theme button to use different theme to see what happens?

Thanks for the advice. Switching Theme did solve the problem. Any ideas why my custom theme might have disappeared all of a sudden?

I updated to the latest desktop version.
I had a custom theme for my invoices/sales orders in the previous version.
By printing a new invoice, I realized that it wasn’t my custom theme that was used.
When going back to my Manager, I reopened that invoice and pushed “switch template”.
Than I got my custom template. But I noticed now that I have to push the switch button everytime I create a new invoice to get my custom template???
When I go to “themes” in “settings”, there are 2 templates but none of both is my custom theme.
It seems it’s gone? Can you help me please??

copy the code from your custom themed invoice and paste them to the template under settings and update.

Thanks but… that’s the problem. In earlier versions it was possible to change the theme, now there’s only the ‘switch theme’ button.
Where can I view the code of my custom theme and where do I have to paste it in?
Under ‘settings’ there are already 2 themes, but not mine. So I wonder where my custom theme is saved…

The theme you are talking about was working on both invoices and orders? The reason why I’m asking this is because there was different theme framework which worked on invoices only and that one is now obsolete.

If your theme worked on both invoices and orders, then your custom theme should be under Settings -> Templates.

Just out of curiosity, go to About Manager. What version do you have currently installed?


The latest update 17.6.25 does not seem to save the default template of user choice.
I had a copy of my customized theme which i updated in templates under settings. Now this is the only theme i have there.
But when viewing any document it shows only the default theme. I have to switch theme all the time to show my custom theme. This is not for the first time alone i view the document but every time. Happens with all the modules.

This is on purpose. Two reasons:

  1. People make constant changes to their templates until they break them. Then they think it’s bug in Manager when clicking on View button rather than a bug in their template.
  2. Templates are global but you really only care about them on certain documents. Not everywhere. So by default you will always see plain look and clicking on Switch Template will give you custom look. This is why I made Switch Template button so fast. So you can easily flick between various looks. There are many use cases. Some people have two or three templates. One for customer, one internal copy for staff where some information is hidden etc. Clicking Switch Template button will give you flexibility to find the look you are after at the moment.

So yeah, current workflow is a compromise between all the use cases I have observed while keeping it still simple.

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i think it will be great if we can just set / use the template we want as before… no need to switch template each time.


I agree. There should be a possibility to set a custom theme as a default theme.
Or just remove this switch button and go back to the old functionality.
But this really not an improvement…
And what’s more: the custom template cannot be modified anymore.


Silence ?

No, not silence. You expressed a point of view. Functionality of this feature has changed several times since you posted your comment. But the subject is not being discussed under this thread, which is about viewing documents and reports (see the title), so probably few interested in templates are reading here. It’s being discussed here.

As for your comment that custom templates cannot be modified, that has never been true. They are edited under Settings -> Templates.