Switch template doesn't work on Safari

Hello, no, that does not work for me. If I get an old version, I get an error. It went wrong when the themes were replaced by templates. Do you know a program that allows me to edit the template?

@Henri, you did not answer my earlier question as to whether you were updating from a version prior to November 2016. Based on your responses, however, I believe that was the case. If so, let me explain what happened:

  • Manager originally supported only very minor changes to sales invoices through a Settings category called Sales Invoice Template.
  • Then were introduced what were called View Templates. These were written in HTML and also affected only sales invoices. They allowed much greater freedom to customize sales invoices.
  • In November 2016, at version 16.11.24, Themes were introduced. Themes were written in Liquid and applied to all forms. You could have as many different themes as you wanted. For the sake of legacy users, the program still supported existing, obsolete View Templates. But you could not create new ones.
  • Approximately 8 June 2017, at version 17.6.0, themes were replaced by Templates. These could be copied from a web site, edited, or written from scratch, also in Liquid. At this point, support for the obsolete View Templates was discontinued. However, existing custom themes were automatically converted to custom Templates. So there was a seven-month period during which you could have brought your custom presentation up to date.
  • In the two weeks since they were introduced, the Templates feature has already undergone substantial improvement. First, multiple templates were incorporated. Then the ability to designate a primary and secondary templates was added. All this was done in response to feedback from users trying out the initial implementation.

The future does not lie with reverting to a scheme two generations old. There will be no support for older versions of the program. And Guides are written for the current version. Questions on the forum are answered from the perspective of current or very recent versions. So you should focus on choosing or writing a template that meets your need.

Templates are edited directly within Manager. After you have created a template according to instructions here: [17.6.0] New workflow for custom templates, under Settings => Templates, click Edit for the template you want to edit. You will see the code. Edit the code within the viewing window and click Update.

Dear Tut,

It is quite clear. I have to say I am a Dutchman and my English is very bad. So I translate everything through Google Translate. I think the program is all top so do not worry about it. I downloaded this program Liquid this afternoon, but it is also in English. Do you know if I can put that program in the Netherlands?

Believe me, @Henri, your English is much better than my Dutch. :wink:

Liquid is not a program. It is a computer language. Therefore, while some of it may look like English or contain English-looking text, it is not β€œin English.” It is a language of its own. So it cannot be translated into some other language.

Realistically, the skill level involved with creating Liquid templates for Manager is not high. I suspect any local web developer would be able to help you.