[16.11.1] Added new themes for invoices, quotes, orders, receipts etc

In previous versions, only one theme was available when printing invoices, quotes, orders, receipts, statements etc.

The latest version adds three new themes which can be applied across all documents. To select new theme, view any document such as invoice, quote or order. Then click Switch Theme.

You will see preview of available themes. Select theme you would like to try by clicking on it.

This will activate new theme across all documents.

To change back or to try different theme, click on Switch Theme button again.

You can do this on all documents printed for customers, suppliers or employees (not just invoices).

Many new themes will be added in upcoming days and weeks so there will be a lot of variety to choose from.


Love the new update :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Thank You

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Seriously, this is amazing.!

Nice Job Mr Hasko

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I like this update thank you, but can you make the Logo appears on all themes or I will just wait for other themes :slight_smile:

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Thanks Lubos for the update, but if you can make the logo appear on all themes along with the company details at the same position, it will be much perfect.


nice :thumbsup:

Fantastic to see themes being implemented. Please add a ‘neutral’ theme, similiar to what you have already but with no full page background colour (too much ink used when printing) and just grey for the headings, footer etc. The grey should go with most colours in logo’s ie: grey/green, grey/blue, grey/pink, grey/orange.


we cant have custom template anymore?

yes, i got some problem

The Logos though, I wish they find a way to appear in all the themes.

One who doesn’t want the logo can remove it @ settings

Why no more custom themes?

Where is this new button? I cannot locate it in the invoice tab. Also the pdf and email buttons disappeared!!

please update your software, @IKey

update? how? In cloud edition.

You are probably using View Templates. View Templates are now obsolete since they were for invoices only and these new themes are for all printed documents.

You can delete your view templates which will activate this feature.

With these new themes the “invoice date” changed into “issue date” and the “invoice number” changed into “reference” om my sales invoices, these are different terms in Dutch. Also the due date seems to be missing.

@Anton, you are right. I’m fixing it now. Due date should show though.

I assume there will be a bigg pool of themes created by users?

New in-built themes will be added + there will be an option to create custom themes within the program (either from scratch or by editing in-built theme)