Templates will not save or work for some reason


Ive been trying to make my own template but it will not save the code.
What is going wrong and what can i try to fix it?


What are you referring to? An email template (the only thing actually called a template in Manager)? Or a custom theme? Or something else?

Whichever, why do you say the code is not saved?

I mean the templates for invoices and such. I can create a new one and type code in there but it wil not save the code for some reason.

Your answer does not clarify your question. Email templates for invoices? Custom themes? Something else?

I think he might be talking about saving default values for invoices but it isn’t clear

What i mean is when i want to make a custom template for invoices i can put code in and klick update but the template remains empty and when i click edit again there is no text inside anymore. It looks like it just doesn’t save anything.

For the third time, what are you referring to? There is no such thing as a template for sales invoices. The sales invoice template feature was discontinued so long ago I don’t even remember when it happened. So, are you asking about an email template for sales invoices? Or are you referring to custom themes? Or are you, as @Joe91 guessed, asking about Form Defaults? Or something else?

Also, what edition are you using (desktop, server, or cloud)? And what version number?

Please understand. No one can help if we don’t know what you are asking about. Your description could fit at least three different features in Manager.

I had to set the language to English and then it’s calles Themes. I’m Dutch so for me it is called “sjablonen” which translates to templates, hence the confusion. So what i’m trying to do is make a custom theme for my invoices but it doesn’t work, it will not safe anything I type in there.

Thank you for the clarification. Let’s start with the basics. The answers to the first two questions will probably be yes, but I want to be certain:

  1. Have you first created a new theme, following instructions in this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/10366? You can either copy the code of one of the built-in themes as a starting place or begin from scratch.

  2. After creating a theme, are you following instructions in this Guide to edit it: https://www.manager.io/guides/10368?

  3. Does your custom theme show in the list when you go to Settings > Themes?

  4. Once again, what edition are you using (desktop, server, or cloud)? If server or cloud, do you have permission from your administrator to create or edit themes? (This is why I originally asked.)

  5. What software version number if you are using the desktop or server edition?

  1. I have used copied code from a built-in theme. Doesn’t work.
  2. Since i have no working custom theme with the built-in code i have nothing to edit.
  3. The theme does show in the list, yet it is empty when I open it agian.
  4. I use the desktop version.
  5. 18.7.2

Update your software. You are literally several hundred versions behind. Let me know if the problem persists.

It seems to be working now. I modified a theme to my style and it saves it properly now so all is good. Thanks!