Suspense Account Figure Different From Old Version

I have just imported files from V17.6.6 to V20.7.9. The Liability and Equity figures do not match. In the suspense account the new version is showing all GST amounts, but the old version is showing one transaction only for a paid transaction. Please help

You have not provided nearly enough information to offer firm opinions, only guesses.

First, update your software again. You are already almost 100 versions behind and answers will be in terms of the current program version. Several things have changed in the interim that could be related.

Second, to be clear, there should never be anything in Suspense. See Until Suspense is clear, it is almost impossible to address other problems. Or perhaps you are saying things suddenly appeared in Suspense that were not there before.

Third, if your problem relates to taxes, the most common recent problem is failure to allocate tax codes to a tax liability account, which dumps transactions into Suspense. This used to be automatic to a single account, but now you get to choose one. See

Finally, if none of these guesses helps, post some screen shots and describe your problem in greater detail.

I have installed the latest version and transferred the files. Everything is now working.
Thanks for your help.

@blue, I do not understand your last post. You never mentioned any problem with transferring files. You complained about transactions having to do with GST being in the Suspense account. Fixing that requires no file transfers.

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