An Amount in suspense

In my balance sheet I have a large amount in suspense when I click on this it gives me every transaction there is . when I click on one of them it has been allocated to an account

Goto setting → tax code
Look at the edit screen for each tax code

You may need to set the account manually to something other than suspence

Perfect thank you why was that. Have I missed an up date or something

Should I now be going through all my clients and updateing?

That change occurred with your first update after version 19.11.85. In that version, the automatic Tax payable account was eliminated, so you had to set tax liability accounts for all tax codes. In other words, you were no longer locked into the predetermined tax liability account. This is described in a note in the Guide: Create and use tax codes | Manager. There was also an article about it in the January 2020 newsletter.

Pre-existing businesses that already had the Tax payable account had that account automatically converted to an ordinary liability account. If there were localizations imported later that included tax codes, the newly imported tax codes had no liability account assignments. Since New Zealand has localizations, I suspect you will have to do this for all client businesses.

That explains it thanks @Tut I am on V 20.80.50 and did not realize I do struggle to keep on top of why the updates have happened and what they mean to me. I am subscribed to the news letter but still struggle to understand how it affects me sometimes not all the time

You are truly an invaluable resource for Manager and perhaps should be on the Manager payroll! :slight_smile:

This is an example of users (whether they be cloud, desktop or server) need to be active on the forums and be “smart” enough to understand the newsletters and guides, be on top of release notes and forum posts, just to know how things today are different to yesterday and what applies to them. Self included. I personally consider stuff like this a “breaking” change, I realise they aren’t actually “breaking”, an accountability task, but they break our workflow, they break our reports, or how we’ve done or do things, etc etc. I am also aware that Suspense is a form of notification, I just wish it was way more obvious.

You are not alone