Capital Accounts Summary - report problem

Hello, i am testing the new version before i switch to it,
i see in the report as screenshot attached the expense claims show as suspense ?
i am testing it in desktop edition but i suppose cloud and desktop are the same except for the user part

This is because you have not entered the transaction correctly

You can drill down on the amounts coloured in blue, for example, the (11.028,875.12), to see what transactions are involved

There could be any number of reasons why these transactions are incorrectly entered so unless you post the edit screen for one or more of them any further comments on my part would by pure guesswork

You say the are related to your expense claims - have you read and followed the instructions in the Expense Claim guides
Use Expense claims

@Joe91 i have inserted them right, actually in the old vversion it shows as Expense Claim in the new one as suspense

If you show the edit screen for one of the transactions in question, we can give more insight but without that there is nothing more to be said

What is the “new version” number?


also even in 20.7.14 in another machine it is the same,

I moved this to bugs. I don’t know why Suspense comes up. In my tests, the entries are only hyphens, but when I drill down on them, I see listings from starting balances. Something is not right.

Fixed in the latest version (20.8.20)

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