All deposits moved to suspense on upgrade

Hi All,
Just upgraded from a version that was a couple of months old under Linux to 16.12.50. Now when I open my business, all of the deposits my company has ever made appear to have been moved to suspense. Restoring from backup, and a fresh install on another machine yields the same results.

I doing so, mono had a problem, so I upgraded, and there was a problem with permissions for SQL. I ran it as root, created a test company, and it seemed to sort out the permissions.


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If you click Edit next to one of those entries in Suspense you may find that the Payer field is blank, no customer name. Put in the correct Customer name for that deposit and does that remove it from the Suspense account. If yes, then you need to do the same for all other entries.

A few months back Manager made it compulsory to enter Customer & Supplier names.

If not the above, then check the Account line, is there a Customer listed after Accounts Receivable field, the invoice field can be left optional.

Looking further, I don't see any ability to edit, or otherwise reference the entries in the suspense listing.    Looking at the original invoices, the account field has been erased, and has suspense in light grey.
When I go to the receipt for a given payment, the correct payer is listed.     
I hate to go back through several years of invoices, and try to recreate this information -- assuming I could do it correctly to recreate the records.     Should I try to roll back versions to get the information back?

Does your current Summary tab show an Accounts Receivable account ?

If you have saved a previous version download - you could try that.
Uninstall your current version first then delete the programme folder @
C:/users/(user name)/appdata/roaming/Manager

Your business data files are stored separately so shouldn’t be affected by the uninstall however as a precaution back it up - C:/users/(user name)/appdata/local/Manager

In addition, if you had entered any transaction into the current version, I would delete them in case they aren’t backward compatible with the previous version.

If the problem persists, then you will need to import from a backup - but update us here first

@ozyrobotics, can you post a screen shot of the edit screen for one of those transactions in Suspense? @Brucanna is on the track of a common problem that throws transactions into Suspense: incomplete customer or supplier identification. I am wondering if there isn’t a different problem, especially since you say the customers are all there.

I also wonder exactly what you mean when you say you don’t see any ability to edit or reference entries in Suspense. If you cannot edit or view them, how do you know account fields have been erased? I am wondering exactly where in the program you’ve been looking.

And one other thought (until I learn more). Are you using accrual or cash basis accounting? This choice can influence your ability to view some transactions in Suspense.

EDIT: Another question: were the transactions now in Suspense imported from a bank account or entered manually? If imported, were accounts allocated by bank rule or manually?

I responded earlier in the day, but the message may not have gone through.

In the sales invoice screen, the account entries (per line item) have turned into “suspense”. On the suspense page (off of the summary page) I see no way to edit the entries.

I am using cash accounting.

Other than an import I tried once when I started using Manager, I’ve been entering bank information by hand.

I’ve attempted to attach a screen shot:

Your topic heading indicated that all deposits had moved to suspense, yet your screenshot is showing a Sales Invoice with the account as Suspense - so that would appear to be a much wider problem - as that invoice should be displaying an income account (nothing to do with deposits).

Does your Summary tab show any values against income & expense accounts

I also don’t see the screen snippet that you have above. There are some values against income but the majority have been moved to suspense – all of the entries appear to be recorded payments (checks) for invoices. At first glance, nothing is apparently wrong with expenses.

The weird part is the balances changing – which at the moment I assume is the entries moving to Suspense.

You never answered this question - Does your current Summary tab show an Accounts Receivable account ?

If yes, does it have a balance

What is the source of those income, bank interest or inventory sales or what

Sorry I if I missed that question. One of the replies i sent bounced or got caught in your e-mail filter.

I am using cash accounting, so I wouldn’t expect a A/R summary tab.

There are some payments that appear to have gotten through – i.e. checks entered against invoices that show as income under the summary tab. Bank interest is also there.

I am short on time at the moment (headed to client), and this will take some time. While the entries are listed as “sales invoice” I believe the ID’s are labels that I would have put when I entered payments.

A really nice feature would be to have the option to drill down and see how payments are applied to invoices on the invoice page, and/or be able to click on payment amounts and see where they were entered.

You can. For sales invoices, click on the blue balance due in the Sales Invoices register. You will see the original invoice and source of every receipt against it.

You can also go to Cash Accounts tab, click on the balance for an account, and see every transaction contributing to that balance, be it a payment or receipt. You will also see the account the transaction was posted to.

OK, just as an exercise go to Summary tab - Set Period and change to Accrual Basis and see if anything changes - I suspect not. Also, why not download again and see what happens - current edition is 16.12.53 - just download and install

In addition, on the other machine, why don’t you uninstall manager and delete both the programme file folder and data file folder before shutting down and restarting.

C:/users/(user name)/appdata/roaming/Manager (programmes)
C:/users/(user name)/appdata/local/Manager (data)
If these don’t match - go to About Manager and check Application Path for data

Then using a downloaded back version, load this on to this machine and import your backup.

OK, changed to accrual mode, and there is an A/R tab with the correct total for a couple of outstanding invoices. Tried 16.12.53… there is still the large balance in suspense.

Is there a back version that I should use? The versions I know I have are one from the website that is pre-sql, and something from last june.

I would use the last edition where the data was correct and which the backup file was created from, so the one prior to downloading 16.12.50.

You can’t go back prior to that unless you have a back up file that matches that edition.

Going backwards will only hide the problem, @ozyrobotics. You are showing us very little actual information, so it is hard to diagnose your problem. But I am starting to believe you have been making account allocations incorrectly, probably beginning with your sales invoices. But you only have 36, so it should not be an insurmountable problem to fix them.

I’d like to ask you to perform a test. Create a test sales invoice, using exactly the same process you normally do. Post a screen shot of the input screen. You can obscure the customer’s name, but leave everything else visible. This will be a fake invoice and will be deleted later. So what it is doesn’t really matter, except that it should be similar to transactions that are giving you problems.

After the invoice is created, enter a simulated receipt for that invoice, using exactly the same procedures you would normally use. Put it into one of your 11 cash accounts. Post a screen shot of that receipt.

Be sure to take note of these transactions so you can delete them later.

Now tell us where these transactions ended up. Are they in Suspense? Or did they go to the expected accounts?

If either transaction ended up in Suspense, post a screen shot of the Suspense drill-down report showing it/them.

As soon as we are done analyzing the results, delete the two transactions. You will have to delete the receipt first, or you will not be able to delete the sales invoice.

The Suspense account having non editable entries indicates a system generation rather then being a user transaction generation - which would be editable.

If the machines are Linux 32 bit, then perhaps you do need to be pre-sql which was an edition solution provided by Lubus but I can’t locate amongst all the Linux/Ubuntu install topics

What I was suggesting is intended to give us a look at the results of actual procedures being used. So far we haven’t seen much to go on. I am hoping to get a better handle on exactly how and where these transactions got to the Suspense account.

Ok, I created a dummy customer, and entered an invoice.

Received a payment:

What I don’t remember seeing before is the “account receivable” and “test customer” fields on the receipt before. As a default, they were filled in with this test. Is this meant to split a payment across multiple customers as well as multiple invoices?

And here is the payment posted correctly to the checking account:

From this test, I it seems to work.

Give that the fields are messed up on an upgrade or import, wouldn’t the problem be with fields in the database not being aligned/mapped properly? – (i.e. if it were importing txt or csv files, I would guess that I was getting a parse error on one of the fields – I’m sure what you are doing is much more elaborate)

Is there a way to see what version a backup file was created from? I found an install from last June, and if I don’t find success from other ways, may try rolling back to that.

BTW: I’m super impressed and grateful for you assistance in looking into this.

I believe I have downloaded the 64 bit Linux/Ubuntu edition. I am running Mint Linux (Ubuntu based). If the install is somewhat normal, then I can probably give it a go. Should I worry about the backup file being compatible?

This aspect of entering receipts has not changed in years, if ever. The Customer and Invoice fields appear only after Accounts receivable is selected. They appear whether entering a receipt from the Sales Invoices tab or Cash Accounts tab. So if you were not seeing them before, you were not entering receipts correctly. There is no remedy for that that I know of except to go back and correct the mistakes.

One possibility that occurs to me is that you created an accounts receivable account on your own instead of letting Manager do it for you when activating the Customers tab. If that is what you did, your old accounts receivable account would not be a control account and would not be able to access the real Accounts receivable containing Customer subaccounts.

Probably, but I don’t know what it is. And you should never open an accounting file that has been called by a newer version of the program with an older version. The files are backwards compatible, but not forward compatible. That is, all versions of Manager can open older files and will restructure the database if necessary. But because restructuring may have occurred, older versions should not be used to open newer files. (In fact, I think that at some point the ability to do so was actually blocked.)

Backup files are compatible across all editions, versions, and operating systems. As for installing Linux/Ubuntu, I am clueless. Several problems and solutions have been discussed in the forum. Search and learn. And if you have specific problems, there are some Linux/Ubuntu experts on the forum.

Looking today, and examining all of the suspense entries, I suspect that one or more of my income categories disappeared (something I called “Labor”) when I upgraded to the current version, and all invoice items tagged with that income category were moved to suspense.

Still checking, but things are looking about like I remember before doing the upgrade. Will keep you posted if I see other issues. Thank you for your assistance.

When I made a backup, and attempted to transfer from machine #2 (where I made the changes – cloned entry) to machine #1 the new income category disappeared again on both machines (from backup and restore) — and all of the problem entries changed back to suspense. (I exited and restarted). Recreating and adding one entry seemed to persist on machine #2. Will investigate further.