When i entered the payment for GST tax, it has gone to suspense account

I have started charging GST in the 2nd quarter. And last week i have paid the 2nd quarter GST to the authority. But when i entered the payment, it went to suspense account instead of reducing the tax payable under liabilities.

Please read all the table of contents of the Guides
Then you can take a reasonable guess of where to look for information or what word to search for. In this case is recommend starting with Clear transactions in Suspense account | Manager

If it still does not work for you after doing this please post a screen capture of the transactions edit screen

?? what are you talking about???

Is there anyone who has managed GST, please let me know how you managed to do it. I have tried the lasted version of manager too. But, its the same issue.

@Patch gave you links that will explain that you need to clear your transactions in the Suspense account. Manager creates a suspense account for any transaction that has not been properly allocated to an account.

Well, thanks for the links then. but that was not what i was looking for. I have already tried the guides but can’t find the solution there.

This is what I read. So this means that the payment was NOT allocated to tax payable under liabilities, if anything if you would look into the suspense account you would see if it was allocated at all. The suspense account is a catch all for errors made in accounting as explained in the guide on how to clear them. All items in a suspense account must be cleared as they are errors.

It is you the user who allocates payments, receipts, etc to accounts. You can set receipt or payment rules so that when you import a bank statement where possible it would be allocated to the respective accounts that you associated in the rules.

@Amjad_Ismail, many thousands of users record their tax payments with Manager every month or quarter. If your payment ended up in Suspense, there is an error in the payment entry. Most likely, you have been using the built-in Tax payable account as your tax liability account. But that account is only a placeholder so the program does not crash before it has been set up properly. You need to define your own tax liability account and assign your tax code to it. See Create and use tax codes | Manager.

If that doesn’t work, start by posting a screen shot of the Edit screen for that payment, as @Patch requested in post #2.

When posting a screenshot you can edit it with a paint program first to redact confidential information.

Please leave the bread crumbs (near the top of the window), account information and any tax codes visible.