Suppliers recurring invoices

hey guys
im using version 19.1.30 and i have notice a bug. Instead of seen on purchase section the invoice i owe, it shows that is paid. Lets say that i owe to a supplier an amount from before, at suppliers was showing - but now show +. Sorry for my English and if i couldn’t explain very good my problem.
Thank you

Maybe posting some screenshots can be useful.

@Constantinos_Pastou, if your Accounts payable balance showed as negative on the Summary page, that was a sign that overall, your supplier(s) owed you money. A positive Accounts payable balance means that you owe the supplier(s) money.

Click on the Accounts payable balance on your Summary screen. That will show you a list of which suppliers are owed money or owe you money. However, at this point, the signs will be reversed.

Or, you can enter the Suppliers tab and see the balance for each supplier. Here, a positive balance means you owe the supplier money.

thank you for answering so fast.
for the fist 2 you are right.
at the suppliers tab the balance is different from the account payable balance on summary screen. what i mean is that at account payable balance show minus because i owe money but at the supplier show positive which mean they owe me. the correct will be at both to show minus.

Positive and negative signs are determined by traditional accounting presentations. These differ in different contexts for the same number. Can you post screen shots to illustrate your question?

Sorry i cannot explain you my problem.Before i didnt had starting balance equite. Now most of the things in summary is wrong and opposite from what i had before.

Your question or problem is getting more confusing, @Constantinos_Pastou. The subject of this thread is “Suppliers recurring invoices.” Your first post was about how purchase invoices are shown. Now you are writing about Starting balance equity.

Starting balance equity is an account Manager generates automatically to force your books to balance (Assets - Liabilities = Equity). The balance should always be zero. If it is not, that indicates your starting balances were not correctly entered or there is a problem with your equity structure.

It is not possible to determine the problem from the portion of your Summary shown. But some things stand out. The first is that you have Capital accounts under Liabilities. Capital accounts are equity accounts. The second is that you show both Share Capital and Capital Accounts, which seems very unusual.

My recommendations are:

  • Verify with a qualified accountant that your chart of accounts structure is correct.
  • Drill down on the Starting balance equity account to see what makes it up. Everything that shows is a problem.

Its weird because until before i update everything was working fine and since i update manager start this problems. Anyway i will see what i will do or i might wait to update a newer version when comes.
Thank you

Waiting for another update is not likely to resolve anything. The longer you continue with whatever is wrong, the worse the problems will be.

I think i found where the problem is.I have some journal entries to capital accounts-director loan accounts which i think the program doesn’t put them where it should. I have contact my accountant and he check the entries and told me that is correct.27

What did your accountant tell you is correct: (a) your idea about where the problem is or (b) the existing journal entries? And does your accountant understand how Manager works? (Transactions that might be recorded with journal entries in other accounting systems cannot be in Manager if they involve movement of funds into or out of the company. That must be done with receipts or payments. Your accounting structure can be correct and yet not be used correctly.)