Suppliers Starting Balance

First of all, Thank you for this great accounting software.
I don’t know the question is correct or not as I’m newbie.

I’ve entered starting balance in “Accounts payable>Supplier” as usual.
But the balance shows in the Suppliers / Transactions Negative(-) and when I make payment instead of reduce the amount, the negative amount increases.
(I’m using the latest version 19.12.4)

Could anyone explain me.
Thank you.

For supplier credit starting balance enter the relative unpaid invoices by clicking the amount (initially zero) under the heading Unpaid invoices.

Only use the “Edit” button if the starting balance is a debit balance (overpayment to supplier).

Thank you for your immediate response,
in my case, the amount(starting) is being carry forward from year 2016(which I have statements). I don’t know the invoice details of the amount. but past two years account statements(2017,2018 which I have) the same amount being carried. this year only payment(part payment) made. so when I print this year’s GL I expect that amount to be on opening balance and new payment.(instead of new invoice)
I don’t know my explanation is correct or not. advice me if I’m wrong.
Thanks again.

the invoices yet to be paid should be entered as pending purchase invoices in Manager. these invoices will not be used for reporting during the current financial period.
these are already explained in the guide
please read and understand all the guides thoroughly.

you do not have to duplicate the exact line items of the original invoice in Manager. you can simply enter a purchase invoice with the basic details for the amount to be paid.

If invoices details are not known, do as @sharpdrivetek has suggested and enter an invoice for the starting balance via the Settings>Starting balances with basic details. In the invoice it is OK select the original expense account as when invoices are entered via starting balances the amount goes direct to Equity in the Balance Sheet and does not appear in the P&L.

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The reason you need to enter unpaid invoices instead of just balance figure is because of implication when generating reports on cash-basis.

Even though past invoices are irrelevant on accrual-basis, they are very relevant on cash-basis because they are posted to general ledger only upon paying them. That’s why Manager needs to know line items of these invoices so it knows what to post to general ledger on cash-basis when they are eventually paid.

Hope it makes sense.

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Thank you “generalegend”, “sharpdrivetek” and “lubos”.

Thanks for your quick response. Really it had soleved my problem and gave me more knowledge on it.

thanks again.