Starting balance for one supplier

I’m trying to identify “Sarting Balance” for on supplier by putting fix number , but the system not accepting to do that as it showing in the fallowing screen shot

please advice

You have not entered your starting balance correctly. An available credit cannot be entered as a negative number. Enter it as a positive number. It will show as a negative account payable. See Set starting balances for suppliers | Manager. As also explained in that Guide, if you owe the supplier money, you must enter pre-start-date purchase invoices.

when i entered positive amount the balance will be Debit not Credit , pls check

That is correct. The terminology may be confusing to you, because the phrases supplier credit and available credit are from the supplier’s perspective. They have given you a credit (on their books), which is a debit on yours. If they send you a credit note, you enter it as a debit note.

The Accounts payable account is referred to as a credit account. Amounts you owe to suppliers are credits. So an amount available to you from a supplier is a debit. If the €1,000 is not owed to you by the supplier, you should not be entering it in the Available credit field at all.

If you are not familiar with accounting terminology and the difference between debits and credits, read this Guide: Design a chart of accounts | Manager.

thanks… that mean available credit tab here its for the proofing the advanced payment that we already did it to the supplier not a place to enter the starting balance for unpaid purchase invoices as a single figure .

That is correct. The available credit might be from a payment you made to the supplier before you migrated your accounting to Manager from your old accounting system. (If you are not migrating from a prior system, you should not be entering starting balances.) Or, it might be a credit the supplier allowed for you as a result of a delivery or service problem. In other words, it represents money owed to you by the supplier and available to apply to future purchase invoices.

If you have unpaid purchase invoices that predate your migration to Manager, you must enter them as purchase invoices under the Starting Balances page in Settings. This does two things:

  • Correctly sets the balance of Accounts payable on your start date.
  • Allows you to post your payments, when you make them, to those invoices. If you do not enter them this way, you will not be able to pay off those purchase invoices.