Starting Balance of Accounts Payable

A good afternoon,

Please help with information, because I tried to find it but couldn’t find it.

I moved the accounting books from the previous application, then I encountered a problem when filling in the initial balance owed to the supplier.

If I fill in a nominal amount of 50,000,000 then that number becomes a debt. But when you make payments, the debt actually increases. Here we attach the photo:

However, if I enter -50,000,000 then this number does not appear as a debt at all.

Here we attach a photo that is not listed as debt:

I have classified your post as a bug.

ok, thanks for the response

Not a bug. Available credit cannot be negative. If it’s negative, it means there are unpaid invoices and they simply need to be entered under Purchase Invoices tab individually.

if so i understand

but the problem here is for the initial balance.

I will move the accounting books from another application to the manager, I have problems entering the initial debt balance as I posted above.

Kindly check out the following guides:

Enter starting balances | Manager
Set starting balances for customers | Manager
Set starting balances for suppliers | Manager
Set starting balances for inventory items | Manager
Fix starting balances | Manager

I’ve followed this guide:

but the result is as I said above.
i hope you understand what i mean.

when I make payments the debt should decrease. this actually increases

You didn’t read the guides or followed the guides or followed recommendations given by Lubos above.

You are entering the balances wrongly. The field you are entering the balances in is not the place to enter the balances. Businesses normally owe money to suppliers based on invoices they have received from suppliers. If something happened and now the supplier owes you money, enter that amount in the Supplier Available credit field.

Use invoices to record the opening balances or unpaid amounts you owe to your suppliers as explained in the guides. Make sure the invoice date is set before your official starting date. eg, if your financial year is 1/1/XXXX to 31/12/XXXX enter those invoices on 31/12 of the previous year.

i understand what you mean.
if you have to enter a purchase invoice of course this is very much.
and indeed the problem about the system is solved.

but this is related to the fact that this is the initial accounting bookkeeping of the previous application.

when we use the reception feature it can too, but it is not in accordance with the existing conditions.

thanks for the advice given

after I learned properly,

the problem is only 1, when the payment is made the debt increases, not decreases

should decrease

There is a reason you can’t enter just starting balance and must enter all unpaid invoices.

Because these unpaid invoices will be included in financial statements on cash basis only once paid. So obviously Manager needs to know what you paid for.

Another reason is that it also allows seemingly continue issuing customer / supplier statements.

If you don’t care about cash basis accounting or customer / supplier statements, you can always just enter single summarizing invoice for each customer / supplier that represents their unpaid balance.

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When you enter a positive amount in the available balance in the supplier edit screen you are recording an over payment to your supplier (that is you are saying that the supplier owes you money). So if you record another payment to the supplier this amount is going to increase,

The Available balance field in the supplier edit screen is ONLY used if a supplier owes you money. For example: if you have overpaid an invoice or the supplier gives you a credit note on an invoice after you have paid it.

The only way to record a supplier debt that exists at the start date is to enter the invoices that represent this debt, but you must enter these prior start date invoices with a date prior to the start date.