Problem when paying supplier account

There is a supplier whose due was paid in full on 8/31. When a new purchase invoice for the same supplier was recorded on 9/1, it was already added to the supplier’s account statement report and it already appeared in the summary as owed to the supplier, but when making a new disbursement permission from the purchases invoice to pay it, it was found that it has been paid Within the exchange permission that was issued on 8/31 previously, although I did not pay it
And that the supplier’s account until 8/31 is correct and has been liquidated, how do I solve this problem???

You need to illustrate the situation with screen shots of the Edit screens for transactions involved.


Can you show the following?

  • The top of your summary screen
  • The edit screen for Payment #1130
  • The edit screen of the supplier

I suspect that you have entered the supplier starting balance directly in the supplier edit screen as Credit Balance. I thought Manager disallowed this but apparently it doesn’t anymore.

As a result, since manager can only apply payments to invoices, it applies payment 1130 to later invoices instead of the opening balance.

Another side effect is that your reports will show the correct balances but the application of payment is going to be wrong for all invoices.

Your fix is to remove the supplier credit starting balance and enter an invoice that predates the start date for the same amount and the application is going to be fixed automatically.

The supplier has no starting balance


Then what’s this

Have you entered any invoices for the “opening balance” that appears in the statements?

Could you provide more detail on that?

The supplier’s account statement is being sent from the start date

Can you show the edit (not view) screen of payment 1130?

The first invoice was prepared by the manager and he has no opening balance and no credit limit

Everything that you have posted confirms my doubts that the figures are correct and that there’s a mistake somewhere in the application of payments.

There’s only one way to solve this, we may need to examine the Suppliers tab and then click on the number of invoices to see the list of overpaid and due invoices.

From here you get to decide whether you want to manually correct the application of all pending invoices (overpaid or due) or enter 1 zero valued receipt to correct the application without investigation.

Also there’s a transaction in the full statement that has no type.
The transaction is this

Date Description Amount
2021-04-01 سداد ابو عمر – بن 4496.5 Cr

This looks suspicious.

Could you please examine both the customer tab and the possible suspect transaction and share your findings.