Invoice paid/not paid


today i got a good one :wink:

if i make one purchase invoice to supplier X till 14.83€ it gets auto paid, if it’s more than 14.83 don’t get paid nor discounted!

but even if i put the exact 14.83€ in the invoice, says paid, but in front panel “Accounts payable” has 14.83 missing payment!

if i go to supplier view i have 0€ credit… from where it get 14.83€?

You need to furnish more information. Can you post screen shots to illustrate your problem? Also, what version of the software are you using?

Probably, you had a pre-existing credit with the supplier that was automatically applied to the purchase invoice.

first we can see here 0€ balance with the supplier

5€ invoice auto paid?!

looks that some old debit note auto paid it?

if test invoice is 14.85€ instead of 5€…

You need to explain what your screen shots show. They do not illustrate the problem you described in your first post.

The first is obviously the Suppliers tab listing. But where are the others from? Is the second shot a purchase invoice? If so, show the edit screen, not the View. Is the third shot related to the others? How? And in what order were they taken?

What is the last shot supposed to show? It shows a bunch of transactions (in an unspecified tab) with credits and debits totaling 14.85 CR. And the balance is 14.85 CR. Whatever this shows, where is the problem?

As an unrelated question, why are you entering debit notes from eBay? Are they sending you credit notes or refunding money in some fashion? The only reason for a debit note is a credit note or equivalent from eBay that is not accompanied by money. Perhaps there is a situation where that occurs, but it seems unusual.

i think all screens self explains…
like i said the whole problem is about purchase invoice.
1 - supply view
2 - purchase invoice
3 - transactions view that pay the invoice in pass 2
4 - transactions view that pay invoice in pass 2 but with 14.85€ instead of 5€ value

Well, they may self-explain to you, but not to me.

First, you never answered my question about which version of the software you are using.

Second, is the Suppliers tab view taken before or after the purchase invoice in question?

Third, there is no “movements” view in Manager. So I don’t know what you are showing.

Fourth, “some old debit note” that you say paid the invoice was dated the same day as the invoice. So it’s not “some old debit note” that was lurking in the system. That’s why my question about the order in which the screen shots were taken is important.

Fifth, screen shots #3 and #4 show completely different sequences of transactions, not just a difference between 14.85 and 5, as you said.

In summary, without more information no one will be able to answer your question. Your original complaint seemed to be that any purchase invoice amount of 14.83 or less would be automatically paid, but that larger amounts would not be. Yet you showed nothing to substantiate that claim. You need to show a sequence of shots that:

  1. Establish the supplier’s Accounts payable balance.
  2. Show the Ddit screen of a transaction.
  3. Show the View screen of the same transaction showing improper payment or lack of payment.

Now, just as I was about to send this post, you added a screen shot showing a test purchase invoice that you did not assign to any account. I don’t know where this fits the sequence, but it could explain a lot. You also edited your next to last post to change “movements” to “transactions.” But you still haven’t explained which transactions you are showing.

the manager version is the last on the site, 17.9.40

was before, to show that there is no -/+ balance

the debit note (original) date is 14/07/2017, i don’t know why it says today…
the screen shots 3 and 4 are what i said, transaction payment view for a test invoice, the difference is the 5/14.85 invoice total, the screens 3 and 4 come from when you click on “Balance due” in purchase invoices view

sorry but did you see the screen 2? paid 5 due 0

the last screen of the test purchase invoice, is the “edit” from screen 2
“did not assign to any account”, it’s relevant, if i put a one inventory item, the behaviour it’s the same

All that demonstrates is that if you have a supplier credit it will be applied to a purchase invoice. It shows nothing about your claim that amounts greater than 14.83 are not automatically paid. Beyond that, it is impossible to diagnose any problem from your screen shot #4 because every transaction is on the same date. So the sequence of events cannot be determined. All that shot reveals is that the balance of Accounts payable (since that is what you say it shows) matches the sum of credits and debits.

Can you post a screen shot of the Edit screen for the original debit note on 14/7/2017?

how? the first screen show 0€ in this supplier balance

i don’ know why, but they are wrong

Yes, I know. But there clearly was the debit note, and 5 was applied to the purchase invoice. The question, therefore, is not why the supplier credit was applied but why it did not show.

As nearly as I can tell, you entered a debit note for 14.83 and a purchase invoice for 14.85, leaving a balance of .02. But you have also entered a flurry of offsetting bank transactions and debit notes with the same apparent dates. Because these are not tagged by times, it’s impossible to see the sequence of steps Manager took.

So I have two final comments for you. Unless they produce further information, I can’t help you remotely.

  1. I asked why you were entering debit notes from eBay, but you never replied. It looks very unusual to have all these transactions with debit notes and matching bank transactions. Without knowing what the transactions are for, I can’t tell if you are entering things correctly or not. But I keep wondering why you have eBay set up as a supplier. What are you buying from eBay and why do you keep entering debit notes against them?

  2. If there are only these nine transactions involving eBay, consider deleting them all and re-entering them in the sequence they happened. Take screen shots at every step. That way, if the same thing happens, and you think it is a problem, we will be able to reconstruct what occurred at every step.

all this transactions have wrong dates, the original dates are not this ones. They only show if the value is higher than 14.83. If you edit the very same Invoice to 5€ the transaction report only one debit note.

1 forget ebay, put any company name you want. I put a debit note of 100€, I create receipt of “accounts payable” to “company name” of 100€, is there anything wrong here?

Why do you put the debit note ?

I just found the problem:

If you don’t specify the correct/or ignore invoice when you make the debit note/receipt of “accounts payable” , the system will get you in this situation

If you think you have solved the problem, I am happy for you. But I still think you are misusing debit notes.

the problem here is a “bug”, not the way i use some function to get the result that i want.

it is a bug only when other users of the same version experience the same issue.

first of all there is no consistency in any of your post with regard to the screenshots you have provided.

  1. in this screenshot the description for 5€ purchase invoice is 000.
    whereas in the edit screen of the same purchase invoice the description is 000 test

  2. for the 14.85€ purchase invoice i do not think you have selected any inventory item.
    whereas when making the debit note you have selected an inventory item.
    if you check the date in the two screenshots above, you have made a debit note 2 months prior to even buying the item.

moreover, i think that you are using different accounts when making purchase invoice and debit notes.
also, you may be making a debit note for item you have not purchased.
when not selecting a proper account, Manager defaults to Suspense, which may have various incorrect data that affects your transactions.

Like i said, i already found the problem.