Suppliers/customers with pre-start-date invoices missing from summaries

Maybe my problem is related to this thread, maybe I should have opened a new one, but my problem is a disappearing supplier:
Start date set to 01-01-2019:
Purchase invoice dated 27-11-2019 shows like:

Supplier summary looks like:

Then I change the start date 01-12-2019:
Now purchase invoice date 27-11-2019 looks like:

And in the Supplier Summary, this supplier is NOT listed whereas other suppliers are listed with an opening balance (info is blurred):

There are no data between 01-01-2019 and 01-10-2019.

What I can add to this info is that only with this supplier I had to change his name after entering the purchase invoices. Maybe it helps to solve this matter.

@ries, did you enter the pre-start-date invoice through the Purchase Invoices tab, like an ordinary invoice, but with an early date? Or did you enter it under Starting Balances in the Accounts payable account? You should do the second, following the procedure in this Guide: Set starting balances for suppliers | Manager?

Thank you Tut, my mistake. I did what felt right in stead of doing what is right, which in this case is reading the guides first. I thought I was on the right track as all the other purchase invoices looked fine.
Thank you for pointing this out.

@ries, can you confirm that after entering the pre-start-date invoice correctly the supplier shows up?

No, I can’t. I followed the guide but the supplier does not show up. On the other hand, it’s now over midnight here, I will have a check after a good sleep, in order to avoid errors and misinformation.

Did setup a new TEST administration from scratch.
Followed the instructions as per guide 7227.
After input of one purchase invoice for crediteur1 the Starting Balance options in Settings shows;

which is ok.
The purchase invoice looks like:

which is ok.
The Summary looks like:

which is ok.
Aged Payables looks like:

so also ok.

Supplier Statement Transactions shows:

Supplier Statement Unpaid Invoices period 01-01-2019 to 05-07-2020:

and Supplier Statement Unpaid Invoices period 01-01-2020 to 05-07-2020:

remain empty. Which, I think, is not correct.

@ries, I believe the behavior you have documented so well is a bug. The pre-start-date invoice is picked up on the Statement and Aged Payables reports, but ignored for the Supplier Summary. I presume things are handled the same way for customers and the Customer Summary.

While this may be related to transactions posted against pre-start-date invoices disappearing from the Profit and Loss Statement, it could also be different. So I am moving our discussion to a separate bugs topic.

Actually the issue had nothing to do with start dates. It’s just that customers and suppliers with no movement in the period would be excluded from the report.

Anyway, it’s fixed in the latest version (20.7.70)

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Thank you Lubos, for your swift respond. Report is ok now.

I can confirm that the totals is my custom report now match with the standard one. Thanks for the fix.