Invoice paid after start date disappeared from P&L

I have been using Manager for a year now so please forgive me if I get something wrong, but I think I’ve found a bug.

I started using Manager on 1 July 2019. I only had one unpaid Sales Invoice at the time which I entered as per the guide:

The invoice date was entered as 25/6/19 in the amount of $330 including GST ($300 + $30 tax) as a labour charge (all profit). The customer paid this invoice on 10/7/19, which I recorded, and it appeared on my P&L perfectly and has remained there ever since, until now. I upgraded the Manager program from v19.10.41 to v20.7.55 and that $300 profit disappeared from the P&L. Also tried v20.7.58 and it’s still missing. Everything else is fine.

As a test I downgraded Manager back to v19.10.41, created a new datafile, input the same scenario (screenshots below), checked the P&L and it was shown correctly, upgraded to v20.7.58 and it disappeared from the P&L.

Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sales Invoice and Receipt:

P&L (v19.10.41):

Then upgraded to v20.7.58, checked P&L again and the $300 has disappeared:

can you please confirm if you set up the start up date for the business. if not please find below guide once it is done you should see the information

Hi abdulbari, yes I set the Start Date to 1/7/19 (start of our financial year), both in my regular company datafile and the test datafile.


I can duplicate this. It’s a bug. I am moving this topic to the bugs category. @lubos, the problem is that receipts posted against pre-start-date sales invoices are ignored for cash basis Profit and Loss Statement calculations.

i am not sure if this is the only situation. can you please check the below topic.

@sharpdrivetek, I saw that thread. The other user was posting to incorrect accounts, as you pointed out in your responses. Why do you now think it is related to the pre-start-date, cash basis but?

i do not think the issue is related to receipts against pre-start date sales invoice alone like you have mentioned in this thread. i think the P&L report might have a bug in general and i tagged you because i am unable to verify the same personally at present. i am not sure if @dimifak had recorded a pre-start date sales invoice explained in the other thread.

For fun I entered a Purchase Invoice prior to the start Date, then applied a Payment after the Start Date, and it didn’t appear on the P&L (cash basis) either. If I bring the Invoice dates forward to after the Start Date it then shows on the P&L correctly.

I’ve been entering all financials into my old MYOB system and Manager for the last 12 months and this is the only discrepancy I’ve found when comparing to MYOB.

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Should be fixed in the latest version (20.7.73)

Awesome! Thanks very much @lubos that’s definitely fixed it for me.

Is there any way I can send you guys a donation for this program? I know it’s free but I believe in paying developers for good software.

You can buy the server edition

I appreciate the sentiment but we do not accept donations. We have paid editions but there is no expectation to purchase from us anything. If desktop edition serves you well, continue using it.

Cheers lubos, I run a micro-business so the desktop version suits me fine. If you guys ever decide to accept donations I will gladly pay. Thanks again