Summary Not Updating

Hello - I’m having some troubles with my Summary page not updating.

I’m processing transactions for the 1/7/16 - 30/6/17 tax period and have set my Summary date to 30/6/17 but there is nothing showing on the Summary page.

The message at the top of the screen says " This summary is set to show balance sheet as at 30/6/17 and profit and loss statement for the period from 1/7/16 to 30/6/17 . There are 5,862 transactions dated after 30/6/17 therefore they are not accounted for in this view."

Yet when I click through my Receipts & Payments page I can see all the categorised transaction for the 1/7/16 - 30/6/17 period.

Did you set start date as per Set start date | Manager ?

If you did, then transactions before your start date will be ignored.

My question is why you are entering such old transactions. There is no need to enter your entire accounting history when migrating to Manager. Read the Guide: Enter starting balances | Manager.

Thanks Lubos that did the trick!