Bug in Customer Summary/Supplier Summary Reports

There is a bug in the Customer Summary report (and also in the Supplier Summary Report)

If a customer has a starting balance but no other transactions, it is not included in the Customer Summary Report

As soon as you enter a sales invoice, even a zero-valued invoice, the customer appears on the report
Customer with opening balance for unpaid invoice

Does not appear on Customer Summary Report

Add zero-valued invoice

the customer appears

What is the Start Date in your example?

I ask because your first screen shot shows a zero-value sales invoice, but nothing appears in the Customer Summary. You later say that adding a zero-value invoice causes the customer to appear on that report. These are apparent contradictions.


The zero-valued invoice appeared when I added the unpaid invoice for the starting balance. I don’t know why there three line representing the starting balance.

When I changed the invoice I added later to 1 USD the three “starting balance” invoice lines remain

It seems to double up the unpaid invoices - here is where I added a reference “st1” to my unpaid invoice

Add a second unpaid invoice

and it double up with another zero-valued invoice dated 1/1/1990

Customer transaction report

Drill down from Customer tab

That is beyond strange. I am moving this to bugs. Thanks for the extra information.

I have this bug too. I had a check with custom reports like this and all the Customer and Suppliers with only starting balance are not there in the Summary Reports.

The reports would omit customers and suppliers without transactions in the period.

That is now fixed in the latest version (20.7.70)