Supplier/Customer Tab - Does not display all associated transactions?

Was surprised to find the Supplier & Customer tabs do not have the ability to display associated imported transactions from bank feeds. (unless they’ve previously been entered into sales/payables)

I realize this info can be achieved via filters and in reports etc. But why not include the option to display all historical Supplier/Customer activity (default sort by date/descending) along with the revenue/expense account associated with the imported bank feed transaction? (and a clickable link to make corrections) :wink:

On a side note, it would be advantageous to have the ability to add new suppliers/customers (& GL accounts too) “on the fly” while importing bank transactions. (& also when making new import rules!) Presently, jumping from the built-in “desktop version” GUI (via “right-click” to a web browser facilitates this but it’s not ideal.) ~ Having a history of programming & beta-testing accounting/POS systems, sometimes I wonder whether multiple open tabs within the browser could corrupt Manager.IO data?

Note: This is truly a “world class” accounting product that is incredibly efficient! (Over the past 30 years, I’ve worked with at least 10 other accounting and POS systems, and IMO Manager.IO is superior in far too many ways to mention here!) That being said, all other systems I’ve used can/do display all transaction detail while viewing the actual Supplier/Customer record.

No, it cannot.

Thank you & good to hear! (multiple open tabs not causing corruption issues)

Your thoughts on imported transactions assigned but not displayed on the Customer/Supplier tabs? Just seems so strange. (I had taken the time to add and assign suppliers/customers to import rules for this very reason. The SQL-Lite relationships exist but are not being used/displayed.)

Going to continue assigning Supplier & Vendor (instead of using “Other” contact type) to imported bank transactions with the hopes that this feature (oversight/omission?) is added in a future update.

How does one go about submitting a bug submission/feature request?