Supplier code does not show up in purchase invoice tab

i have assigned code to my supplier . it does not show up in purchase invoice tab as it does in sales invoice tab

Your supplier would be a customer in the sales invoice tab. If a contact is both a supplier (you purchase from them with for example the purchase invoice) and a customer (they buy from you as with for example a sales invoice) you need to set them up as a supplier and a customer separately. The easiest is to create the supplier or customer first and then on the view screen use the copy to the supplier or customer function, see screenshot:

Screenshot 2022-03-13 at 10.40.19

Why would you expect Supplier codes to turn up in the Sales Invoices tab?

Have you read the guide explaining what supplier codes are used for and how they work?

OK, I now understand your query
When you enter a code to your customers, the code appears prefixed to the Customer name in the Sales Invoices tab

but the Suppliers and Purchase Invoices tab do not work the same way

Please illustrate your query with screen copies to show what you are asking about as this makes it clearer to understand

supplier code does not appear in front of supplier name in purchase invoice tab

but customer code appears in front of customer name in sales invoice tab

i want supplier code for filtering purpose in purchase invoice tab

Maybe @lubos needs to look at this inconsistency between the two tabs.
I have recently started using customer and supplier codes and would find it handy.

Please add this in idea category

But you can sort on the related supplier name which would give you the same order.

I have moved this topic to ideas.

Improved in the latest version (22.3.10). Also supplier code visible on other related tabs such as purchase quotes, purchase orders and debit notes.