How do I generate a list of debits and credits from/to a specific supplier?

I can add Suppliers and can generate Purchase Invoices but how do I view/generate a list of all transactions to/from a particular supplier please?

Ie, if i have a supplier I have received many invoices from and made many payments to how do i pull up a list showing all of these transactions?

Create a supplier statement in the Reports tab. Choose the All Transactions option.

Thanks for your reply - much appreciate.

However I am unable to create any new tabs when I’m in the Reports section.
See attached screenshot.

Am I missing something please?

Tabs are created by clicking on the Customize link in the left navigation pane. Check the tabs you want to enable (some are automatic and cannot be disabled) and click Update. Reports associated with active tabs appear automatically under Reports tab. You may also need to have at least one supplier created before you can create a Supplier Statement report.