Supplier/Customer Tab - Selectively Displaying Transactions?

Unless transactions were previously entered in A/R or A/P (invoices/purchases etc.): All imported bank statement transactions (even after being assigned to supplier/customer via rules etc.) do not appear in the Supplier/Customer tabs.

When you pull up a Supplier OR Customer, one expects to see ALL the associated (assigned) transactions. But this does not happen. - Shouldn’t there be an option to display all assigned transactions (within Customer/Supplier tabs) regardless of where the transactions originate?

IF this omission is intentional, please explain! - Regardless, I’d like to put in a request for an option to display all transactions. (date descending OR sortable by header, like most other data grids in Would make it much easier to review an account with a customer OR a supplier. (or simply look for missing transactions etc.)

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You misunderstand how the program works. Customers and Suppliers are subsidiary ledgers of the Accounts receivable and Accounts payable control accounts, respectively. When you view either tab listing, you see information related to those subsidiary ledgers, not account histories for the customers or suppliers. When you drill down on the Accounts receivable/payable balances, you see transactions that have affected those balances, whether positive or negative. If a transaction was not posted to Accounts receivable/payable and the customer/supplier subsidiary ledger, it will not be displayed, because it has not affected that account’s balance.

Some of the background on how the program came to be as it is can be reviewed in this topic: Improvement to payment and receipt forms. As you will see, I first brought up this topic six years ago. There was a very lively debate, with many long-time users and active forum members participating. The result addressed several related issues, but not what you have suggested.

That said, I do not believe you should hope for any changes. The subsidiary ledger concept underlying customers and suppliers and their relationships to their respective control accounts is extremely deeply embedded within the program. The bottom line is that, if you want the Customers and Suppliers tabs to function as customer/supplier account histories—something they were never intended to do—you should always sell and buy using sales and purchase invoices so related transactions are posted through Accounts receivable/payalbe.

Somehow, I think that new customs report functionality should enable us to see all transactions related to Customers and Also to Suppliers. I agree with @Tut that the design of Manager should not change in relation to tab functionality for reasons provided.

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Then how can one go about producing a comprehensive report of all transactions assigned to a supplier? (or a customer)

I already explained in post #2. Everything will then appear in the Customer Statement (Transactions).

@Tut: Possibly I’ve misunderstood your post, you’re saying it can’t be done? (There’s no way to generate a comprehensive list of all transactions assigned to a supplier/customer unless every transaction has been manually entered into purchases/sales?)

In the latest version (23.4.26) you can add 2 new columns

  • Receipts
  • Payments

under both Customers and Suppliers tab. Is this what you were after?


@WLS, this brand new feature should provide what you want. Until minutes ago, it wasn’t possible. We have waited years for this capability.

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Thank you for this.

Great feature! Very good improvement!

@lubos YES - AMAZING & THANK YOU! :+1: :+1:
IF there was a “donate” link on the desktop version we’d have used it weeks ago! (without having received this fantastic & unexpected update) :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there a way to support without using the cloud version?

You could subscribe to the Cloud version but continue to use the Desktop version

Cancel the Cloud subscription when you feel you have contributed enough

Buy a server license. Understand Manager is not a charitable project, but a product of a for-profit business. The business model includes the free desktop edition for single users and the premium server and cloud editions for multiple users.

@WLS don’t worry about it. If you have no need for cloud edition, continue using desktop edition at no cost. There is no need for donations. Do not subscribe to cloud edition “just to donate”.

Had actually thought about doing just that… (After having looked for & not finding a donation link.) But that would create a mess if a lot of other users did the same.