Two Bugs in Customers and Suppliers tabs

No. of invoices under supplier & Customer Tab not showing

The problems reported by @Zishan_Rana were present at least by version 17.4.89 and remain in version 17.4.93. Without the ability to drill down on the number of invoices, there is no convenient way to obtain a list for a customer or supplier. Instead, you must go to the Sales Invoices or Purchase Invoices tabs and conduct a search. Or you can drill down on the Accounts receivable/payable balance and then search for invoices or sort the Transactions column.

Doing the latter reveals the second bug. In the drill-down list from Accounts receivable/payble, there is a Status column, but it is empty. So when looking for information about the status of a customer’s or supplier’s account, you must leave the tab and go to Sales Invoices or Purchase Invoices tab.

I am elevating this to Bugs status.

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The latest version (17.5.10) resolves this issue.

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