Summary Page - Totals

Is there was way to display on the summary page the totals that align with the set date. For example just using one category, in 2019 I have issued 300 invoices yet my total shows 1700. This amount of 1700 is the total ever issued over a number of years. I think it would be a good idea to be able to see only the totals applicable to the summary period being presented. I find it misleading that when the dates are set the summary will show the $ amounts as per the dates set, which should relate to (in this example) the number of invoices issued in that period. To me that makes more sense rather than how many invoices have been issued since day 1 of manager use. I notice that customers, suppliers just show the active list total. Maybe @lubos would consider this a viable change if not already available. I cannot see any settings to allow this.

There is no way to do what you ask. The transaction counts are not part of the Summary. They are part of the left navigation pane, visible regardless of what page you are viewing.

Only transactions relevant to the Summary are accessible by drilling down on Summary balance figures. But all transactions in a tab are accessible by clicking on it in the left navigation pane. If the tabs in the left navigation pane were limited to transactions within the reporting period, there would be no way to access transactions outside that period.

Thanks @Tut for the explanation, makes sense.