Clicking figures on Summary screen

In the dashboard you can click on debtors. This takes you to a list of all transactions for debtors (invoices + payments)

It would be nice to have a toggle to filter all settled invoices/payments. Similar to the “invoices” tab.

Well, rather than showing general ledger, it could show list of unpaid invoices where balance due of all invoices would equal to total on Summary screen. Is this what you mean?

Yes :slight_smile:
But it’s also good to be able to see the general ledge of that period for when you want to do some checks.

Not sure how that would work in terms of ui. I guess it’s the same for a lot of other accounts. Maybe an extra link in the dashboard or something.
Maybe I’ll come up with a solution that’s generic enough for the other features too.

Yeah, when it comes to control accounts, sometime you want to see raw general ledger, sometime balances of subsidiary ledger accounts.

So this is not limited to Accounts receivable only. I will definitely add support for this but first I want to implement custom control accounts.