Totals at the bottom of "Search" page

Would it be possible to have a TOTAL $ at the bottom of any search page, whether it be Bank Account, Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices etc etc

At the moment I am exporting the search page to Excel and getting a total that way.


The problem is that if there is more than 50 records, paging gets activated. I assume you want to see total for records across all pages, not just for those on active page, right? What’s the use case for this anyway?

I also had asked for this before. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. Generally I’m doing “Search” for totals of a specific date, which when filtered down, it wouldn’t carry over to multiple pages. And to be able to Print that it would be great.

I agree. A total is a must at the top or bottom of each search page. I was looking for it when I started trialing the program and I wasn’t there. If it could be added that would be great. Lots of other program’s do this as standard so would be a great addition to Manger that users expect.

It would if search would produce more than 50 rows. So I assume in this case you still want totals for all rows including those on subsequent pages, right?

My requirement would be a total for the “whole search” at the end of a page

or multiple pages.

I may be looking for a supplier purchase total, customer sales total, total

bank receipts, daily sales total … etc etc etc. There

are many reasons.

I would prefer to only see the Total of the items left, after the Search.

OK, I will add those totals next month.

Once Again…many thanks for prompt action and great communication.
I am sure this will be of benefit to most users.

Check the latest version (15.0.15). So far, I’ve added totals to Customers tab.

The biggest challenge was to make it work properly even under multi-currency scenario. So if column contains amounts in multiple currencies, totals will be presented like this:

The plan is to eventually add it to all screens. So test Customers tab first and if you are happy with the implementation, let me know which screens you are interested to have it under most and I’ll work through in that order.


For my purposes Totals are required at the bottom of “search pages” in the following Tabs

  • Bank Accounts
  • Customers
  • Sales Invoices
  • Purchase Invoices

but I am sure there are many other Tabs that would benefit other users

thanks for your fantastic service

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HI @lubos

I like to know the profit made on each job, currently i add the cost price of all the parts then minus them from the total sales price.
To find these i click on “Purchases of inventory items” (i have renamed this to cost of goods sold) on the summery page then enter the invoice number then i have a list of all parts used for that job, superb :smiley: but i have to add them all together to reach the total.

I know i could use tracking codes but i have to do a lot of extra clicking and this seems so simple and easy and is already built for it.

I was just wondering if it would be possible to add the totals at the bottom like you have implemented on the other (Customer, Purchase & Sales invoice) tabs?

The only issue i can see is when i pay for items after i have sold them the “Cost adjustment to recover from negative inventory” is used.

Could the sales invoice number somehow be added to the “Cost adjustment to recover from negative inventory” box so its included in the search function?
Plus it would also be handy to know which sales invoice/customer the part was actually booked out to as currently it only shows the purchase invoice it was bought from.

Many thanks.

this is great! looking forward to seeing this feature come into action across more accounts… especially in the expenses

Hello, any way to search the internal information field in the invoice or purchases? I would like to search certain “term” that i added to a couple of invoices. Example, packet number, customs code, agent’s name etc…

The search function currently searches displayed information. If you want to be able to search for something, enter it in the invoice-level description summary. I realize this may not do what you want, but it works for many things.

Yes, that is what i am doing at the moment. I ll try to work out a system for it. Thanks