Summary Page

Good Day Everyone,

I’m new to Mananger,io and wonder you i could get assistance - On My Summary page i would like to know if i can change everything to show me what is currently outstanding and what has been paid


That will depend on how you manage the business

Are you using the Invoicing tab?
If so then the balance due will be shown in the Accounts Receivable account

What has been paid will be in your bank/cash account

The amount invoiced will be in the income account(s)

The total of current outstandings is already shown on the Summary page.

Accounts receivables balance gives you the total of current receivables outstanding.
Accounts payable balance gives you the total of current payables outstanding.
For outstandings detail you can drill down on these balances.
Detail is also given in the Sales Invoices tab and the Purchase Invoice tab, including what has been received/paid.
Details of outstandings are also available in the Aged receivables and Aged payables reports.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

How would can I split the months so that the summary page is always showing current month unless i select a pacific month

You will have to use the Edit button to select the period you want to show

would it then remain on that period

That is a reporting function, ie create one of the many possible reports indicate the reporting dates, etc by clicking on the reports tab (left column).

thank you, then if I’m the administrator and can see everything how to I block another Unser from seen previous months >?

Yes it will remain on that period until you change it to a different period or deselect “Show balances for a specified period”.

So if i select the “show balance for a specified period” she will only see the current month

Yes when selecting the period in the summary-edit screen (top summary screen click Edit and you will something like below:

Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 14.15.36

Everyone will then only see that period.

Yes if you enter the dates for the current month. Then you will have to change the dates at the start of each month.