Summary accounts receivable not showing

Help please, when i set my summary date start 6th april 2015 and end date to 5th april 2016 then when i click on accounts receivable in summary it only show details on my 1st page of 2.
when i click on blue number at end for any of my clients on sheet 2 it will not display any transactions, however page 1 seems to be fine…any ideas onyone?

can you give screenshot of the issue please ?

here is what i get for the 2 different pages on the same summary.
this is from sheet 1

and this is from sheet 2

If I do a search for one of the customer names on that 2nd page and click on the blue figure it opens up all transactions like the 1st page does…strange

@m1sty222 u mean to say that you are searching on second page for swain’s account , swain’s transactions are not showing right ??

swain and all the others on second page, when i click onto the blue figure it takes me to the second screen shot, thats is a blank page, however if i click on Summary then Accounts receivable and use search box for Swain (instead of turning to 2nd page) it will show Swain transactions