Something is wrong in Summary/Accounts receivable/Customer?

I just noticed the Summary/Accounts receivable/Customer shows inconsistent information.

  1. If you search customer name and select balance, you sometimes get to see credits, sometimes not : attached
  2. If you scroll to certain page, say page 2,3 or any and select a customer’s balance - you see nothing !! : attached
  3. If you search few specific customers, it shows EMPTY!! :attached

And why is that a problem? Your first screen shot shows a customer to whom you have issued a number of sales invoices. All of those should be debits, and they are. If you are suggesting this list should also reflect credits, post a screen shot of a receipt that should show but does not. If you cannot do that, everything looks normal.

Your second screen shot shows the 2nd page of a 1-page list. How did you get such a display?

Your third screen shot is empty because you searched for something (which you obscured) that wasn’t found.

So all together, you have not shown any problems. If you really think you have them, you will need to provide more information.

The issue is that when drilling-down, the search term is not cleared so it is still being applied to subsequent screens.

The latest version (16.11.86) fixes that issue.