Accounts receivable missing from summary screen

I have been using the system for over a year now, as a new business I really feel its the best accounting package I have come across.
Today though on the summary window the ‘accounts receivable’ category / section has disappeared.
I don’t feel I have done anything out of the ordinary, just the normal sales invoice and purchase invoice entries.
I can see a number of sales invoices which I have entered which are due, so there should be a value/amount to display.
Any help would really be appreciated.

You must have just updated your software, right? That change was made many months ago. Search the forum for discussions about Summary page changes. There were many threads.

As long as you still have accrual-based accounting selected under Set Period on the Summary page, Accounts receivable should show, just not as a major category heading.

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Ahh yes, thank you so much. I don’t remember changing that option from accrual-based to cash based. Changing it back though has returned the accounts receivable section on the summary screen. Thank you so much for your swift response.

If you have a section (not just an account) labelled Accounts Receivable on the Summary page, you should still update your software. You are hundreds of improvements behind.

Saved ME!!! thank you