Why cash on summary and cash account are different?

why cash on summary and cash account are different?

why is this dates thing happening ?

please refer to the screenshot

Am i doing something wrong?

I don’t believe anyone will be able to help you until you provide more information. The screen shot does not indicate which module you are in or what listing is displayed. Nor does it show the Summary or cash account balances. You do not say what “dates thing” you refer to. Your screen shot is too small to read the numbers accurately, but it looks like you might have dates in years either long ago or far in the future.

If you can provide more detail about what you’ve done and what problem you are having, perhaps someone can help.

That was from cash accounts module.

when im changing those long back dates to actual dates then all calculations are good.

My question was , even though im giving actual dates at first. still its taking long back dates and messing all the accounts.
why is it taking different dates when im giving correct dates?
am i doing something wrong?

If date is red color, it means transaction is dated before “start date” and therefore will not be considered for general ledger purposes. You need to edit these transactions to correct the date or delete them.

Not sure what you mean by entering actual dates. Can you give some example what you are entering, what do you expect and what do you actually get?

Actually i have given 9th &10th of june 2015 but its showing those red colored dates.

When you go to Settings tab, then Start Date, what date do you have set there?

its 02/03/2015

Then perhaps your date on your server (if you are using server edition) is not properly set?

im using this server from last 8 months. all date and time zone were set properly.

You can send your accounting file to support@manager.io. Something you claim is not correct. There are only two possibilities date can turn “red”

  1. Transaction is entered before your start date
  2. Transaction is entered in future in relation to date set on the computer where Manager runs