Account receivable

my account receivable is not reflecting.

Can you show Screenshots It’ll be useful to see what exactly problem is.

Is not reflecting what? Please describe what you did, what you expected to see as a result, and what you see instead.


There are 19 sales invoice which are unpaid Total is 7905/- i have not marked “receive Money”.

this should show as account receivable right ?

this is what i am unable to see.

Under Summary tab Set Period, have you set this as Cash Basis, if yes, then change to Accrual basis

@harishtakke, you also have 2940.00 in the Suspense account, which is where Manager puts incorrect, incomplete, or unbalanced transactions. Drill down on that blue figure to see a list of transactions awaiting your corrective action. You may have failed to select an account, for example. Suspense balance should always be zero.