Suggestion: Way to update from last back up

As far as I know Manger allows to take full restoration of backup, is it possible to restore only an incremental backup??

Like I use Desktop version, I give my full back up to some other department and he after adding some work to it takes the backup and gives to me, know I will have to import a new business and restore his backups this will create a new business, but is there any chance by which I restore the backup to current business only and it will add up only the new data.

If this is already possible than do guide, I will close this topic.


@Ashish_Mishra you can use the server edition, or the cloud edition and you can work together

however @Brucanna will be interesting a feature that compare differences between backups of the backup and the one actual in use, in case something from the past was mistakenly edited or deleted .

-yes i am aware of the lock date option

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Cost is constraint.